Here's Some Deathstroke Gameplay From Batman: Arkham Origins


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Earlier this year, WB Games announced that those who pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Origins will get the Deathstroke Challenge Pack for free. Much like Arkham Asylum's Joker Challenge Pack, these missions will give players a chance to step into the shoes of the game's antagonist for a bit.

Now, you may not have pre-ordered the game yet. That's fine, but WB Games would really like it if you did. That's why they have shared the following trailer that shows off just what it's like to play as Deathstroke.

The Deathstroke Challenge Pack comes with two missions - No Money Down and 100 to 1. The former is a stealth mission while the latter is a melee combat challenge that requires players to take down 100 opponents.

The Challenge Pack also comes with three skins for Deathstroke. The first is his default skin from Arkham Origins, while the other two are inspired by his appearances in the DC fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us and the Judas Contract arc from the New Teen Titans.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available on October 25 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

[Image: GamesHQMedia]