Here's More Info On 3D Systems' ChefJet Food 3D Printer


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At CES, 3D Systems announced that it would be getting into food printing market with the ChefJet 3D printer. The machine layers liquified sugar to create candy, cake toppers and other tasty treats. The ChefJet is being marketed to professional chefs and bakers, but consumers will no doubt be interested in it as well.

Upon the initial announcement, we had no tech demo or video to show us how exactly the ChefJet worked. 3D Systems fixed that yesterday evening with a lengthy video that shares more details on the ChefJet. The creators of the ChefJet - The Sugar Lab - said they experimented with 3D printing multiple materials, but ended up focusing on sugar.

To all you bakers out there, 3D Systems is not trying to put you guys out of a job. The ChefJet is intended to make your jobs easier by making it simple to create complex sugar-based structures for cakes and other baked goods. Despite that, some chefs and bakers may be a little anxious in regards to how this technology will affect their livelihoods.

3D Systems and The Sugar Lab will be launching the ChefJet and ChefJet Pro later this year. There are already numerous flavors available and it can even print milk chocolate.

Image via The Sugar Lab