Here’s How To Get More Out Of Google Shopping

    June 29, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has been uploading a ton of videos from Google I/O to YouTube. This particular video is from a session on Google Shopping, which has been a hot button issue in the search industry.

Google announced about a month ago that it was replacing Google Product Search with Google Shopping. The former was free to list, but the new incarnation is a paid inclusion service. This hasn’t been the most popular idea with all merchants, but it is what it is.

Here’s Google’s description for the video:

More and more of consumers research online first before going to a local store to purchase a product and we can expect this trend to continue to rise. How can merchants and retailers take advantage of this trend? Local shopping enables merchants to declare product price and availability per local store. In this session, we will show you how to set up and manage local shopping accounts in the Google Merchant Center and how to use the Content API to upload local products and do live inventory updates.

The agenda for the session is as follows:

  • Introduction to Local Shopping
  • Account Configuration
  • Local Product Uploads
  • Products Dashboard and Local Data Quality
  • Price-Inventory Updates
  • Local Data Freshness
  • Q&A
  • http://www.gbepackaging.com Tony

    Well we cancelled our adwords campaigns as they are charging way too much for keywords. The campaigns cost 30 times more than any conversions that will come from their traffic. We learned the hard way and now they are getting rid of free product feeds. Good bye Google. Every other business we speak to that tried Google adwords felt the same that it was not worth the money it cost. Why would anyone pay to get a search engine to list your products. If this is the future of google well then only large overpriced corps will rule the internet. Our packaging prices are lower than anyone else on the internet and our customers love this one feature. If we had to pay to let everyone know we are the lowest price we would not be the lowest price. We could care less if Google does this as we get little traffic from them anyways. Our real traffic is from word of mouth because we are selling products for far less than our competition and we ship the same day. I would suggest no one waste their money and let Google know search engines should be FREE. Next thing you know Google will be telling us how to vote.