Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Xbox One


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Last week, Sony answered every possible question one could possibly have about the PS4 in an exhaustive FAQ. Among all the details, we learned some good stuff and some bad stuff about Sony's next console. Now it's Microsoft's turn to do the same.

This morning, Microsoft posted a 12 minute long video walkthrough of the Xbox One system. This is our first real look at the new console's dashboard and all of the features that will be available to gamers on day one.

Here's the official description:

Marc Whitten and Yusuf Mehdi walk through a comprehensive demo of Xbox One, including instant switching, biometric sign-in, Live TV, Skype, game DVR, OneGuide and more.

It's very encouraging to see a live demo of the Xbox One's UI, especially after hearing some troubling rumors about its performance. Sony has only shown off the UI once so it's a little disconcerting that we're only a week away from its launch without seeing a live demo like this. Here's hoping Sony will show something like this next week.

[Image: xbox/YouTube]