Here’s A Look At The Story Of Batman: Arkham Knight

By: Zach Walton - March 12, 2014

Earlier this month, WB and Rocksteady unveiled the final game in their Batman game franchise – Arkham Knight. The game is said to take place a year after the events of Arkham City, but we don’t know much else beyond that.

While Rocksteady will be keeping much of the story under wraps until launch, it did share some plot details with Game Informer. Starting off, the team says that Gotham City’s crime rate has dropped to a historic low following the events of Arkham City. The city’s rogues gallery has been working in the dark, however, as they gather their strength for one final attack on the city that they hope will end up with the death of Batman.

Speaking of villains, all of the villains are now being led by Scarecrow as he attempts to release a new toxin. All of the villains will also be working together to take down Batman as they feel he is the last thing standing in their way of taking over Gotham.

As for the Arkham Knight name, it refers to a new villain that will be introduced in the game. He looks similar to Batman, but he wields a gun. The thought is that Arkham Knight is the antithesis of Batman in lieu of The Joker no longer being around, but the dev team isn’t saying anything.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Image via Game Informer/YouTube

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  • Sean

    Arkham Knight sounds like Prometheus

    • Adam’s Rose

      It’s not, it’s a new character.

      • Trevor Haley

        But what if they mean they haven’t used that character yet instead of making up one

        • Adam’s Rose

          They made one up…they’ve made that very clear…

          • Trevor Haley

            Yeah I found that out yesterday but I’ am so glad Scarecrow is the main villain in this game and you can finally go into Gotham City. I think it would be a mistake to bring the Joker back to live which in my opinion would ruin one of the best game endings of all time. Scarecrow has always been my top favorite villain in the Batman series.

          • Adam’s Rose

            Mine’s Poison Ivy….

          • Trevor Haley

            My least favorite though is probably the Mad Hatter. I can stand the Riddler and his riddles and such but I hate those missions with him in it.

          • Adam’s Rose

            I like the Mad Hatter….I don’t think I have a least favorite.

          • Trevor Haley

            I think it is a good idea that they are not going to use the Joker. It would be like a big middle finger to Arkham City and the best ending to a video game ever.

  • Trevor Haley

    I think it is Prometheus