Here's A Look At The Music Of Rain


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Music is an incredibly important of any gaming experience. Just look at DuckTales Remastered, and you'll see a basic platformer elevated to the status of a golden god thanks to its soundtrack. If you find yourself interested in the music of games, you'll definitely want to check out Sony Japan's rain.

In the latest dev diary for rain, Sony Japan Studios talk about bringing the world of rain to life through music. The composer, Yugo Kanno, said that he wanted to create a score with an "artistic serenity" that would permeate the entire experience.

The music will feature a string ensemble accompanied by a piano, but Kanno also had a close friend come in to play a few pieces on the bandoneon - a type of accordion. Take a listen in the below video and you'll realize that Sony has hit upon something really beautiful in rain.

Rain will launch on October 1 on the PSN for $14.99. Sony says those who pre-order before September 30 will get a dynamic theme, a static theme, five avatars and a musical montage.