Here's A Closer Look At The LG G Flex


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2014 will either be the year of the wearable or the year of the flexible display. Until manufacturers can combine both into a single product, they're going to try to sell you one or the other. While Samsung has both a wearable and a flexible display on tap for 2014, LG may be going the solo route with the LG G Flex.

Revealed in late 2013, the LG G Flex is an LG G2 with an inwards curved display. The company notes that this makes it easier to hold, but it's easy to be skeptical when it looks so stupid. It doesn't help that the G Flex borrows the G2's stupid design gimmick of putting the volume and power buttons of the back of the device.

In preparing for its US launch, LG has anticipated that many would feel the G Flex looks pretty stupid. That's why it has prepared a new product video that compares the curve in the G Flex to the curve in a perfectly sculpted jaw. If you have a jaw fetish, this may be the phone for you.

The LG G Flex will be available with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. AT&T pre-orders open on January 24 and Sprint will have it on January 30. There's no date yet for the device's launch on T-Mobile.

Image via LGMobileHQ/YouTube