Here's A Closer Look At The Last Of Us: Left Behind


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At the PS4 launch, Naughty Dog announced that it would be bringing a single-player DLC expansion to The Last of Us with Left Behind. The new DLC chapter is a prequel to the main game's story where players control Ellie as she makes her way through an abandoned mall with her friend Riley.

In the latest trailer for Left Behind, Naughty Dog talks about making a prequel featuring a character that you already know isn't in the main game for some reason. While they don't come out and say that Riley dies in this DLC chapter, it's a pretty good bet that this will show us what shaped Ellie into the hardened survivor that she was in The Last of Us.

Beyond the story, Naughty Dog also discusses the new gameplay features players can expect to see in Left Behind. The playable character this time around is a child without much combat experience so Naughty Dog will seemingly focus more on stealth and manipulation. That means some rooms will feature enemy humans and infected allowing the player to pit both enemy factions against each other while they sneak through the room.

Besides the above making of feature, Naughty Dog also released the opening cinematic Left Behind. You'll obviously want to avoid the video if you want to go in not knowing anything beyond the basic details, but everybody else will want to check it out:

The Last of Us: Left Behind will be released on February 14. It's the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special somebody, especially if that special somebody is yourself.

Image via PlayStation/YouTube