Here Are Some Stunning Photos of North Korea from TIME’s Instagram Photog of the Year

By: Josh Wolford - December 19, 2013

TIME magazine recently named David Guttenfelder, the AP’s chief Asia photographer, “Instagram Photographer of the Year” – an award that would have confused most people a few year ago. Sure, it’s a new medium – but why not give credit where credit is due. Guttenfelder, who exclusively captures via iPhone, has an incredible photostream on the Facebook-owned social network.

That’s because in 2013 Guttenfelder gained exclusive access to North Korea, allowing him to take photographs from one of the most well-guarded countries in the world (if not the most).

“Nobody knows anything about [North Korea] and what it looks like,” Guttenfelder told TIME. “I feel like there’s a big opportunity and a big responsibility.”

Let’s take a look at some stunning images from the DPRK, courtesy of Guttenfelder’s Instagram feed:

Josh Wolford

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