Hemlock Grove Season 2 Release Date Unannounced, But Highly Likely

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Hemlock Grove Season 2 Release Date Unannounced, But Highly Likely
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Update: It’s happening. Netflix has made it official.

Netflix’s most recent foray into original programming, Hemlock Grove, may not have debuted to the rave reviews of its predecessor, House of Cards, but it did outperform it in its early days. More people watched Hemlock Grove in the first two days of availability, as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said during a recent company conference call.

Despite the lack of critical acclaim, people seem to like the show. This is usually how the horror genre works. And in the genre, when people want more, they usually get it. See franchises like Paranormal Activity and Saw (or more historically, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm St., etc.).

Netflix has not announced plans for a second season yet, but it’s hard to imagine the company killing one of the early cornerstones of its original programming experiment if it’s getting the viewers. But viewers aren’t just watching the show. They’re already anticipating more. Yes, already (it did just come out less than a month ago). This is no doubt a side effect of releasing an entire season’s worth of episodes at the same time.

Nevertheless, as Yahoo reports, there is a high volume of people searching for the release date of the second season, despite no announcement that it will even happen.

The involvement of Eli Roth (one of the show’s producers, who also directed the pilot) was, without a doubt, a huge part of the interest the show generated ahead of its release, but t’s hard to say how much he would be involved with a second season. He clearly has a lot on his plate (and some of us are still hoping he can find time to make “Thanksgiving“). Still, there’s no apparent reason that Netflix wouldn’t push forward with a new season with or without him.

There shouldn’t be a lack of material, based on reports of Brian McGreevy’s work on sequels to the novel upon which the show is based. Shock Til You Drop reported in April of last year:

McGreevy has a second Hemlock Grove novel nearing completion, with a third fully outlined, so expect at least two more seasons should the series find a following.

Hemlock Grove Season 2 Release Date Unannounced, But Highly Likely
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  • Christine

    Bring on season 2

    • Angel

      Please please please hurry up with season 2. I cannot wait for it. I already have most of my family and friends watching and of course they are hooked. Bring on season 2 of Hemlock Grove!!! Quickly!!!

  • Deanna

    OMG, we love this show, can’t wait for season 2…. we are watching it start to finish for the THIRD time… actually seeing things we missed the first two times… all the actors and actress are DYNAMITE

  • Blondie

    Omg!!! There has to be a season 2, I love this show.

  • abbey p

    There better be a second season of hemlock grove or im canceling my netflix subscription.

    • Angel

      I agree. No Hemlock Grove im canceling as well. I will subscribe to HULU plus. Im already tired of all the same stuff on netflix so lets add some new movies and hurry it up!!

  • Sarahsmnms

    I can’t believe it, but loved this so much I’m actually watching it over again only a day after finishing the series!!! Season 2!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  • Alexander

    We want more we want more. By far the best show I have ever watched please make a season to ASAP

  • amy

    Love love love this show. My boyfriend and I are huge fans. We are waiting patiently for season 2

  • Melissa

    Love, love, love this show…..please bring on season 2.

  • Alex carr

    Honestly I thought the show was a bit too much! It was bizarre, too sexual, unorganized, and really random. But oddly enough I liked it :)!! I watched the entire season confusued about what was going on, but I was addicted!! To be honest with you guys I diddn’t even know Romen and his mom were vampires until I read reviews about the show!! Not only was the show good, but the cast fit their characters perfectly!! Also the music choice for this show was AMAZING!! Without a doubt I will absolutly love to watch season 2!!

    • mysticlight77

      They didn’t show that Roman and Olivia were vampires until the very last episode. Rewatch the last episode.

  • http://facebook raiders5869

    This show is great every night we watch 1 episode of Hemlock Grove then we’ll watch House of Cards and hopefully by then season 2 would be read ready.It’s some much better then regular T.V.and this show is really good,maybe Netflix’s could bring back The Secret Circle and take Supernatural from The CW.If Netflix doesn’t have a season 2 of Hemlock Grove I’m done and hopefully alot of other fans feel the same.

  • Stephen

    What’s up with Shelley’s hands?

  • Stacy carreau

    I watched the entire show of episodes with my mom.. We both lived it..there has to be another season NETFLIX..please!!!!

  • maryann

    I love this movie hemlock grove.start the season2 now.

  • maryann

    I love the show.start the season2 now hemlock grove

  • mysticlight77

    I loved the show too. I was surprised that the critics gave it such bad reviews. The show is awesome. I look forward to a season 2!

  • Savanna

    Ok so I watched one episode or maybe 3 lol and I told my hubby I’d wait to wath it with him, well turns out I couldn’t stop myself from watching it! Omg I NEED MORE! This show is great!

  • missy

    Omg best show ever i watched the session twice there has to be a second session

  • http://Hemlockgrove Jenny

    I love this show more ASAP!!!!!!

  • kristi

    This show is by far one of the best series I’ve had the pleasure of following…please don’t keep me waiting too long netflix I’m dying to see what happens to my boys next season. Thanks guys well done

  • Chris

    Love the show, stayed up way too late watching it lol.

  • Brandy

    I loved this show but I wish they would hurry up and come out with a season 2…I am impatiently waiting…….

  • Charitee Stone

    LOVE this show!!!!! Watched it with my 15 year old in 1 night. She’s a vampire diary and twilight fan but said hemlock grove is her new favorite. PLEASE PLEASE KEEP IT GOING!

  • margie

    I loved season one. I can not wait for season two. Love the twists and there is so much more that we want to know about all of the characters!

  • Mae

    Hemlock Grove is the best show I have ever watched on Netflix! Can’t believe some websites posting that it didn’t get good ratings! Can’t wait for more!

  • mona

    I just got finished watching the 1st season in 3 days…..The show is awesome and I can’t wait to see another season…..For people who like horrow and the gruesomness it displays this is a one of a kind.

  • rachelove20

    hurrry up with season two :)

  • Lorraine Espinosa

    Enjoyed the first season. Hoping for another season. I was immediately hooked and I am telling everyone to watch it. Need to watch on my TV because watching on my tablet is not enough.

  • Christina

    what a great show can’t wait to see more

  • Debra Gibson

    You have got to be kidding! They have to bring on some new seasons I am addicted to this show now! The characters are brilliant the story is awesome! The best I’ve seen in a long time ! The actors were believable and so very talented they all were magnificent! The special effects were amazing!!!! Please bring it back! PLEASE!! This series could go for a long time !!!

  • Juerg,

    Must have season 2 loved the show! Also totally hooked watched in 2days!

  • Jayne Thorsen

    Honestly the best series I’ve watched EVER. even if there are more questions than answers. Season 2 needs to come out immediately.

    Also bill skarsgard needs to show up at my house naked.

  • Melissa

    season 2 please! i can not wait!! it becomes an obsesion

  • MaDonna Lemmen

    Love this show! Can’t wait for more :) I’ve been telling everyone about this show because I want more seasons!

  • blanca

    Fantastic job Netflix, as good as Walking Dead! !! Cant wait till season 2.

  • davis

    Wow. A Vampire that was a shock. I am able to figure things out but, not this one. You guys kept me wanting more. Season 2 make it happen can’t wait.

    • Johnnie

      OMGOSH! I’ve watched the first season 3x’s and still missed the whole vampire thing…not that I’m complaining but it looks like I’m gonna have to watch it again :-)

  • kelly

    More please, loved it and waiting for season 2

  • Cindy

    Watched the whole season in about 3 days! Loved every episode!!! I hope there’s a second season in the works!! Pleasssseeeee!!!! :)

  • Angela

    Loved the show cant wait till season two.The change of the werewolf was the best I’ve seen.This show is awesome please keep it going!!!!!!!

  • Onyx

    I agree Netflix we need the second season soon!!!

  • teresa

    I love the Hemlock grove episodes I can hardly wait for season 2.I will like to know where can I get posters from this series and the excelent cast.

  • Jen

    Absolutely love this series!!! I’ll be so disappointed if there isn’t more seasons! I watched the first episode and I was hooked! I spent the entire weekend watching it every free moment I had. Can’t wait for more!!! BRING ON SEASON 2!

  • Dom

    Dis show is AMAZING!!! Ya’ll transformation is crazy no other show nor movie change to a wolf like dis show…

  • Larisa

    I’m so ready for season 2! The show is brilliant! I was stunned to see that the critics gave the show such low ratings! My advice to everyone that is a part of the Hemlock Grove team would be to ignore the crackpot critics and push forward with their vision because the people love it! You WILL have a loyal following that will see the show to its conclusion, I have no doubts there! Keep up the good work guys! :)

  • raina

    luv the show but needs to define strong central characters so viewers can love/hate

  • Mirtha

    I just watched season one & I can hardly wait for the next episode!! Really enjoyed it, Hurry up already!!

  • lindsay

    Just finished the first season of Hemlock Grove…Pleeeease have a second, third, fourth, etc. to come soon!! it was just amazing! More! More! More! Eli Roth you amazing bastard! :)

  • maria

    Love the series. Can’t wait for season 2. It was shocking but love it. Hope u guys really do season 2. We will be waiting…

  • Elizabeth

    Omg love it need more please! Cant wait for season 2 great job

  • Jlo

    Really? Vamps? I am only surprised because Netflix tried desperately to point away from the obvious vampire/werewolf stale storyline only to make it just that. Constant blood drinking was a minor clue. along with a lot of vauge age overtones. Despite the “obvious surprise” –great show. Sexy, dark, interestingly mysterious, like Lost meets Twilight with a splash of American Horror Story.

    Side note on site…does anyone type out HTML Codes anymore like an old Geocity page. lol

  • Trevar

    I loved the first season. I called it from the third episode that the dude was a vampire. My fiance and I would love to see more. I also liked house of cards. Netflix is doing a great job so far.

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