Hemlock Grove Art Director Thinks There Will Be A Season 2

    June 13, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Update: It’s happening. Netflix has made it official.

Dean O’Dell, the art director for Netflix original series Hemlock Grove thinks Netflix will renew the show for another season.

O’Dell appeared (as a call-in guest) on AfterBuzz TV’s Hemlock Grove show this week, in which he said, “Hopefully in a couple of weeks we’ll be able to yell and scream that Hemlock Grove is coming back. Like anything you never give a show away like a bird in the hand because it’s always one of those fears. In this industry, you gotta take what’s there. I’ve turned down a couple of projects in the hope that everything comes together because I firmly believe that it was such a good program that I believe that Netflix will go again on a second season. I’m trying to keep myself available for that.”

In a recent article, we speculated that a second season was highly likely, as Netflix had boasted that the dhow outperformed the critically acclaimed House of Cards during the shows’ premiere weekends, and House of Cards has been renewed. It’s currently filming.

Yahoo recently indicated that searches for “hemlock grove season 2 release date” were spiking, showing that there is a great deal of interest from fans. This interest has been further confirmed by the reader comments we’ve been getting on our coverage of Hemlock Grove.

Author Brian McGreevy, who wrote the novel the series is based upon has indicated in the past that he would be working on sequels.

We reached out to Netflix last week, and the company told us that they had yet to make any decisions on a renewal of the show.

O’Dell’s “couple of weeks” remark is interesting. Perhaps the decision is not too far off.

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    O.. the picture is horrible

  • kelly

    I love hemlock grove, i believe alot of people who enjoy true blood and walking dead would appreciate this series. I really hope netflix renews a second season. If not it would just make me leary of getting interested in other series netflix may come out with for fear of getting into a show with no future. Please renew!!

  • Aaron

    Hemlock Grove has me locked in and thirsty for more!! Watched Season one within 5 days of watching the first episode!!!
    Now I am rewatching it with my gf.
    Guess who else loves te show?!!!
    We are in anticipation of hearing a release date for season 2!!!
    Please Netflix, make it happen!!!

  • jenn

    Was thinking of cancelling my netflix subscription until I watched this series. Now just waiting to see if hemlock is renewed. It was cheesy and downright gross at times but that was part of what made it so fun to watch. I unexpectedly was hooked and want more. Bring it back netflix!

  • Dale

    Ya can’t wait for season 2 it’s one of those shows where you just can’t get enough! I hope they make season

  • Tami

    I watched the show in 2 1/2 days. Had me hooked on the 1st show. I could not stop watching. Please please bring the show back for a season 2.

  • spooky

    I cannot wait for the new series, I am so excited. I have it all mapped out in my head–

    Eli Roth, I’m talking to you.

  • rose

    Please let their be a season two..i love this show..please

  • amalthea

    There has GOT to be a second season. This show is amazing, I watched the whole season in a couple of days. I’m blown away by the originality of the Vampire characters, and of course by the werewolf transformation. I feel attached to these characters – Netflix please bring them back!

  • Derek37_9


  • Derek37_9