Help-desk Knowledge Base Importance

    August 30, 2006

Knowledge management is a concept, whereby, companies organize and present information to their customers regarding product usage.

Knowledge management involves the use of a knowledge base to store solutions on problem issues, which can be referred to at times when the problem re-occurs. Customers can read up such information and use the knowledge to clarify their issues. This way only issues not addressed by the knowledge base or issues which are very complex and therefore require attention from the help-desk staff need to routed to the help-desk by the customer.

Having a help-desk software solution with a knowledge base will save an organization time and money. It will also simplify the task of providing help-desk support services to customers. You will find that about eighty percent of calls to the help-desk are questions which are repeated. Installing a help-desk system with a knowledge base will reduce the operating costs and the cost of employing staff in handling repeat questions. Customers simply have to log into the help-desk system and read information pertaining to their enquiry or problem.

You will find that a good help-desk software solution to be one which includes a knowledge management component called a knowledge base. Look for a solution that has a knowledge base with multiple layers. This way you can store information in the hierarchical form. It should include search mechanism and you should be able to carry out searches in the knowledge base using keywords or Boolean expression.

Some knowledge base allows users to provide feedback on whether the information provided was useful or not. See if your help-desk solution’s knowledge base asks you to rate it’s answers.

As your business grows, your knowledge base will also grow as new information will be constantly added to it. Your software solution must be able capable of handle the increasing demands of your business as well as handle the growth of your knowledge base. Thus, it is important to select a help-desk software solution which can handle a growing a knowledge base.

Help-desk solutions may come with different types of knowledge modules. The three important knowledge modules are pre-populated, home grown, and structural. Look into the advantages of each type before selecting a help-desk software solution.


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