Help Spread the Word: Viral Marketing

    October 9, 2005

Viral marketing is one of the most powerful internet marketing and promotional tools available to any online business.

Blogging in turn, is one of the most efficient and effective means of creating a viral marketing program. Viral marketing and blogging were made for one another.

My good friend Peter Caputa, of pc4media and WhizSpark, is putting the combined power of blogs and viral marketing to work for others. Peter has discovered that other bloggers are helping him spread the word about his various business ventures. He has now offered to return the favour for other bloggers who request his generous assistance.

Peter Caputa says:

Some of you may have noticed that my blogger friends stepped up last week to help me get the word out about some new happenings at Whizspark.

It helped tremendously in bringing in leads, referrals and we even had a VC contact us today because of the “buzz” they heard.

As I’ve always said, if there is something that you really want to get out to the world, please just ask me and I’ll most likely blog it. Well, I thought I’d do one better and offer to ask my blogger friends to blog about things that my other blogger friends want to get the word out about.

To recap:
1. You want to get the word out.
2. You ask me to ask my blogger friends to blog about it.
3. If you are deserving and the stuff is worthy, I’ll pass along the request.

Sound to good to be true? Well, there’s one caveat. If you aren’t pulling your weight, I’ll say no. I don’t expect everyone to blog every time I pass along something. But, if you want to tap this, than you have to give first.

Perter Caputa is offering to spread the word via his pc4media blog, and through his vast network of business and blogging contacts. As such, he is offering to put the combined strength of viral marketing bloggers to work for those who ask.

Peter benefits by creating goodwill for his business, and potentially many new readers for his blog. The blogger requesting the viral assistance gains from added exposure of the business and it’s ideas. Everyone benefits from the increased economic activity, and the positive reinforcement that blogs are indeed a powerful marketing tool.

This week, in keeping with Peter Caputa’s viral marketing to help other bloggers, I have posted about two different types of blogs, in an effort to help their blogs reach larger reading audiences.

I blogged about Alane By Day as an example of blogging a business startup. I also wrote about Writing Keechie where author Phil Whitley is using a blog to expand his Keechie novel marketing efforts.

If we as bloggers all work together, we can accomplish great things. Peter Caputa is offering to get the marketing ball rolling. Be sure to help him out. It helps everyone in the end when bloggers help bloggers.

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