Helen Mirren, as Queen Elizabeth II, Yells at Street Drummers

By: Sean Patterson - May 6, 2013

Dame Helen Mirren is known for playing characters with proper manners, but the actress this weekend used a few choice words when excoriating a group of street performers who were interrupting her performance.

According to a Telegraph report, Mirren was dressed as Queen Elizabeth II when she took to a London street and yelled at the performers outside the Gielgud Theature in Westminster. It was reported that her language was quite strong as she demanded the troupe quiet down. She was reportedly also accompanied by Rufus Wright, who was also costumed in character as Prime Minister David Cameron, making the entire spectacle seem rather bizarre.

Mirren and Wright are currently starring in The Audience, a play in which Mirren, playing the queen, meets with British Prime Ministers from the 50s on. The play debuted in February and Mirren last week was awarded an Olivier Award for her role as the queen. Mirren also won an Academy Award for best actress in 2006 for playing Elizabeth II in the movie The Queen.

According to the Telegraph, the drummers were part of a parade promoting a music festival called As One in the Park.

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