Heinz Announces 600 Layoffs In US and Canada

    August 13, 2013
    Matt Spencer
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American food company and condiment titan the H.J. Heinz Co. announced that they will be laying off 600 workers across the United States and Canada. The layoffs will include 350 workers at the company’s home base in Pittsburgh, PA.

Heinz was bought in June by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital for a reported $23.3 billion. Given the international flair of the deal, it comes as no surprise that is being labeled an efficiency move meant to help the company succeed on a global scale as it moves to being privately held.

All international aspirations aside, the company has said that it intends to remain headquartered in Pittsburgh, where it is a community staple. Even the home stadium of the Pittsburgh Steelers carries the name in the form of “Heinz Field”. Layoffs breed discontent though, and many people, including those in the Pittsburgh area, are wondering if the move will cause longtime customers to betray their brand loyalty.

With the move Heinz becomes the latest in a long line of classic American brands that have been purchased and changed into something different, for better or worse. The list includes American beer icon Anheuser-Busch, producer of Budweiser, agreed to be purchase by Belgian giant InBev, creating the largest brewer. While the Heinz move does not carry quite the same weight, it shows the changing tide of American business.

  • John

    Leamington Heinz is a horribly mismanaged company. It’s overrun by nepotism, corruption, and theivery. The people who hold the office jobs are extremely under qualified and most of these office people (and when I say most, I really mean all but a few) have little to no academic background. They were hired because their parents (who also hold office positions at Heinz) were sick of seeing them sitting on the couch, elbow deep in a bag of greasy potato chips. I even know of a few $80,000 positions that were created out if thin air for these uneducated kids. You have people whose only task is to create powerpoints, with salaries upwards of $60,000-$80,000. Additionally, there are some “bigshots” who are syphoning money out of the company through contracted constuction companies who have been hired to make some much needed updates to this dump of a factory. Each one of these contracted companies is paying a tidy sum to the “office people” that are charged with hiring these companies to perform these building updates. When Warren Buffet bought the company I knew he was going to make some drastic, long overdue changes… After all he’s business man, not Santa Clause. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just closes the doors on this whole makeshift operation in Leamington.

  • Mommy of 3

    It’s had not just been salary positions they have cut. Today in the plant my husband works, they have started cutting hourly positions as well. And the plant that my husband works….. This plant IS one of the most profitable plant they have. So far its been 12 salary positions that have been cut yesterday and 10 hourly positions cut today. With more than likely more ahead. The above person talks about all those who are in those higher paying jobs, and that its a good thing. Well my husband is not in a high paying salary office position. He is a normal paid hourly employee, with a wife and 3 children. One of the who is autistic and our youngest with a heart defect. His position was cut. Right now he is scared to death waiting to hear if he will even still have a job with other available work in the plant or if he will be on a layoff list. As it was not just Warren Buffett who baught out the industry. A Berzilian (over seas) company called 3G Capital has invested in it as well. Hienz industry has always made a profit. Large sums of it at that. So who in the end is sitting on the couch, elbow deep in a bag if greesy potato chips? Sound to me as if greed has taken over on Warren Buffett and 3G Capital while they sit and shit on the little guys.

  • Vic

    Welcome to the world of Warren Buffet! Let’s have all the manufacturing done in Mexico, China, or better yet Calcutta!