Heidi Montag Says No More Plastic Surgery For Her


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Heidi Montag was always a pretty girl, but she didn’t think so and decided she needed plastic surgery.

The reality star underwent several plastic surgeries on her face and breasts. When she was finished she was almost unrecognizable and she still wasn’t happy with herself.

Last year Heidi had her breasts reduced from a F cup to a D cup and in a recent interview with Extra, she said that she is done with plastic surgery.

“I’m just done with all of it,” Heidi said. “I’m going to age gracefully and bow out.”

Heidi is just one of many celebrities who have opted for plastic surgery and later regretted it and/or attempted to have it corrected. While not all stars are open about the issue, Heidi hopes her experience will serve as a warning to other young girls who are not happy with themselves.

She also said that her surgery has caused her a lot of pain and discomfort that she didn’t expect.

“I have TMJ now and my jaw hurts,” Heidi added. “I don’t think people do tell you the trauma of what you’re going to heal from. I was in so much pain, I actually thought I was going to die.”

Heidi also said that she knows now that the reason she had so much plastic surgery wasn’t because she didn’t like certain things about herself, but because she didn’t like anything about herself.

“I disliked myself so much,” she explained. “I literally chopped up my own body.”

Heidi is learning how to love herself and is focused on other things, like her career and her relationship with husband Spencer Pratt.

Do you think Heidi looked better before or after surgery?