Heidi Montag Offers Guest House To Amanda Bynes


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Amanda Bynes has had a rough few months and while many people are keeping their distance from the allegedly mentally ill former star, Heidi Montag has reached out to her and even offered her a place to stay.

Earlier this week Bynes posted a series of tweets complaining that her parents would not give her any money.

A few days later Bynes was photographed by paparazzi asleep on a couch at a local mall. Rumors that she had been kicked out of her home and was homeless began to swirl, but Amanda disputed them on Twitter, and again blamed her parents.

Bynes’ parents currently have a conservatorship over their daughter and are in control of her finances. She has applied to have them removed as conservators, but no changes have taken effect yet.

While most people have lost their sympathy for Bynes, Heidi Montag feels sorry for her and has offered her a place to stay until her troubles blow over.

Heidi has been the center of many strange rumors as well and perhaps she sees a little of herself in Bynes and wants to help her out.

Do you think Bynes will take Heidi up on her offer?