Heidi Klum Enjoys Paris Getaway With Vito Schnabel

    March 19, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Heidi Klum and her new beau Vito Schnabel were spotted out and about in Paris on Monday. The two were enjoying art galleries and taking in some of the other tourist attractions in the City of Love. Some might even call this new man Klum’s boy toy, as he is just 27 years old. Heidi Klum is 40.

Klum split with her bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kirsten back in January. He’s the one she took up with shortly after (some believe it was actually before, but that was never confirmed) parting ways with Seal, her husband of about 7 years.

Clearly not one to waste much time in the boyfriend department, Klum and Schnabel were seen sharing some kisses at an Oscars event earlier this month. That would have been just weeks after her split from Kirsten.

Vito Schnabel is the son of director Julian Schnabel. He has been known in the art world as a curator and dealer since he was just a teenager. He has been previously linked to some other A-list Hollywood ladies including Demi Moore, Liv Tyler and Elle Macpherson.

Do you suppose Heidi Klum plans to make Schnabel her children’s new stepfather or is this just a fling? She has four children–Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou.

The super model seemed rather enamored with her destination earlier this week as she tweeted a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The executive producer of Project Runway, Klum is also a model, television host, fashion designer, businesswoman and actress. Even with all these titles–in addition to that of mother of 4–she still manages to take time out for romantic trips to Paris. Vito Schnabel is one very lucky man.

Do you expect this new relationship between Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel is the real thing or will she be passing him over in favor of yet another man–possibly one who is closer to her own age?

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  • Ralph

    This mudshark has had exponentially more than her allotted fifteen minutes of fame.

  • Hard Core

    What is with men and women that just can’t live without having someone in their life all the time? What about getting to know yourself? Maybe if you did, you wouldn’t have to jump from person to person. This hose bag just can’t take care of her kids and forget about men for a while. Tells me there is something wrong with her and once men get to know what it is, they don’t like her anymore. Probably a raving beyotch.

    • ME

      What is it with total strangers judging other people’s lives? Get one of your own – then use it!

      • Amparo12

        If these people would stop being jammed down our throats at every turn, than maybe we could stop judging.

  • lindy west

    An unnecessary article about excess from someone who’s fifteen minutes were up ten minutes ago. How about profiling some real newsworthy people for a change.

  • Amparo12

    Serial dater. How does explain to her children the stream of men in their lives?

  • Terence Gillespie

    The author… Why doesn’t she just say “Klum is a bum” instead of getting hypercritical and lordly from the standpoint of children and family? This is not really good journalism or reportage. Yep. “Klum is a bum and I’m a gonna hang her BUTT IN PUBLIC” for her nice lifestyle and easy going lifestyle that does not support a gestapo, dictators, and the forlorn.