Heatwave Causes Road To Buckle, Car Goes Airborne

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During the heatwave that's spread across most of the U.S. in the past couple of weeks--with temperatures soaring into the 100's in several states--crops have begun to die, wildfires have spread, and roads have actually started to buckle and shift.

No one is more aware of that than the driver of this SUV, who was caught on a phone's camera as the vehicle hit the uneven split in the road at a high rate of speed and went airborne before crashing down onto the pavement. The people in the vehicle walked away unharmed, but with a story to tell for quite a while.

The woman who caught the incident on camera wasn't even aware she had done so until later.

"You don't normally see that stuff in real life," Theresa Reich said.

Extreme heat has been the cause of everything sucky lately. Around here, personal fireworks have been banned due to the enormous amounts of dead, dry grass just laying around and waiting to be consumed by flames. And unfortunately for firefighters out west, it's not helping the wildfire situation one bit.

While this is a rather extreme case of the heat affecting a well-traveled surface, it can also affect sidewalks and wooden decks; my mom noticed over the weekend that the stain was melting on hers when the dog laid down on it and got up with redwood-colored stickiness all over her coat. So for Thor's sake, be careful out there, friends. Especially on the roadways.

Amanda Crum
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