Heath Ledger’s Daughter Looks Just Like Him

    January 15, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Heath Ledger’s daughter, Matilda, is the spitting image of her father, according to Ledger’s parents.

Matilda–whose mom is actress Michelle Williams–lost her dad at an early age when he died of an accidental overdose in 2008. “The Dark Knight” was his last film, and he earned rave reviews from critics and fans alike for his portrayal of the Joker.

His parents, Sally and Kim Ledger, say they still miss their son every day but see him in Matilda, which helps ease the loss a bit.

“It has been an extremely difficult five years, as not a day goes by when we don’t feel the immense loss of Heath…Matilda is indeed very much like her dad — she has long limbs and similar features,” Sally told Australian magazine New Idea. “However, she also possesses the beauty of her mamma — lucky girl.”

The Ledgers say they stay in close contact with their granddaughter and Michelle and visit as often as they can.

Michelle can be seen soon in her newest project, “Oz: The Great And Powerful“. As for Matilda, she’s set to inherit her father’s estate when she’s a bit older. Though Ledger signed a will before she was born leaving all of his assets to his family, they decided to turn it over to her when she’s of age.

“There was never any question about the fact that Heath’s estate would go to Matilda,” Kim Ledger said. “Never a question. We are very close to Michelle and Matilda.”


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  • Cassie

    Except that Dark Night wasn’t his last film, it was the Imaginarium of Dr Pernussis.

  • Ani

    She has his eyes.

  • http://yahoo Cindy

    She is a doll…and good for the grandparents for being reasonable with his estate…The LOAHNS, and many other so called parents etc., could learn a lesson…

  • Patti Laskey

    Wow a spitting image.

  • Doris M.M.

    Matilda is gorgeous & so was her daddy.
    She looks just like him.
    I wish Heath were around to watch that angel grow up.