Hear What Matt Cutts and Carol Bartz Have to Say

    June 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

There are a few interesting videos currently floating around right now that I thought would be worth sharing here. The first one is from Google’s Matt Cutts at a site review session at Google I/O. The second one is of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz at the All Things Digital Conference, and the third is the recent LinkedIn Tech Talk event.

Matt Cutts

The Cutts video is an hour long, but we know many of our readers will listen to pretty much anything he has to say. "About 38 minutes in, the session morphed into a general Q&A. So even if you don’t care about site reviews, the Q&A might be interesting to you," Cutts notes.

Carol Bartz

Kara Swisher at All Things Digital was kind enough to post this video of her interview with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz. "Yes, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz did indeed drop the F-bomb on BoomTown quite expertly in an onstage interview at the seventh D: All Things Digital conference recently–and, yes, it was both expected and enjoyable," says Swisher.

LinkedIn Tech Talk

Last but not least, is the recent LinkedIn TechTalk. You’ll find this one a bit techier (obviously), but a number of you will probably be interested in this as well. "It’s a tad long with a running time of nearly 61 minutes, but if you’re interested in SCALA it will be well worth it," says LinkedIn’s Mario Sundar.

If you have thoughts on any of these videos, please feel free to discuss them in the comments section below. With that, I’ll leave you to enjoy nearly 3 hours of content on one page (it’s cool if you don’t want to watch it all at once).