Healthy Diets: 5 Best Trends of 2014 Thus Far


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Well, we are more than halfway through the year. Have you met your health and diet goals? Are you still working hard on that waistline?

...Or did you say, “Screw it!” and order the biggest pizza on the menu?

Not to fret!

Whether you’re still going strong or have decided to give your weight loss goals another shot, there’s sure to be a diet plan on this list for you.

Of all the “fad diets” around, it appears that some have risen to the top in terms of success and overall improvement of individual health. Could one of these five diet trends work for you?


The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH diet has been a much buzzed about trend within the last few years.

This is a diet that targets eating habits which contribute to high blood pressure. Weight loss is pretty much a happy coincidence. Why is this diet so popular if weight loss isn’t the main goal? Largely because of the overall health benefits involved.

Biggest Loser Diet

This is a shocker, if only because the weight loss reality show the Biggest Loser is so controversial. Despite concerns about the nature of the television series, it seems that the diet plan itself is very popular and highly recommended.

This trend actually isn’t very new, as healthy eating habits and getting plenty of exercise are key. Following a variation of the Biggest Loser diet (there are several books to choose from) is said to improve cardiovascular health and help combat diabetes.

Mayo Clinic Diet

Out with the old and in with the healthy! That is the basic philosophy behind the Mayo Clinic diet. The first two weeks are spent developing healthy eating habits and filling up on fruits and veggies. Calorie counting comes into play during the second part of the diet.

If dieters follow the plan to the letter, they can expect to lose 6 to 10 lbs in the first two weeks and 2 lbs every subsequent week!

Volumetrics Diet

This is a unique diet in that there’s no focus on calories or at least calorie counting specifically. The volumetrics diet is based on the belief that individuals consume the same amount of food or volume each day.

You are encouraged to eat low calorie/high density foods to help you fill up without the excess calorie consumption. Here fruits and veggies reign supreme, but cutting back rather than cutting out unhealthy favorites means you can (theoretically) have it all.

TLC Diet

The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet or TLC diet has the seal of approval from none other than the American Heart Association.

This diet is all about cutting back on saturated fats. No fried foods, whole milk, and fat-laden meat portions. This popular diet is good for losing weight and improving heart health.

Any other top diets to recommend? Comment about them below!

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