He Got Game Sequel? Spike Lee and Ray Allen Are Considering It


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Does anyone remember the 1998 Spike Lee movie He Got Game starring shooting guard Ray Allen? Well if you didn't see the first one, you may have a chance at seeing the sequel, because Lee and Allen are seriously mulling over taking the film back to the big screen.

According to the Associated Press, the fictitious basketball phenomenon Jesus Shuttlesworth could be lacing up his sneakers to hit the basketball court again in the near future.

Allen has even stated that he and the famed film director have spent time discussing the potential film over the past few months, making a collaborative effort to come up with storylines and concepts for the film.

ESPN reports that Allen briefly touched on the subject of the possible file before the Heat-Pelicans game last night. "Sequels to most movies are always fluff and not as good as the first," said Allen. "But it's something we've been talking about for the last couple months. If we get a really good story line and are able to bring everybody back, then it would be something worth doing."

Lee has even hinted toward a 'Jesus Shuttlesworth return' with several pictures he's posted on his Instagram account. Back in Dec., the Jungle Fever film director shared a picture of a customized Miami Heat jersey with Allen's #34 on the back. However, the name 'Shuttlesworth' was stitched on the back of it.

The picture's caption read, "For A Few Select Games My Main Man Ray Allen Will Wear JESUS SHUTTLES WORTH On THe Back OF His Jersey. The Legend Of HE GOT GAME Continues To Grow.Da Greatest Joint About BALL Ever Made.YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF."

Back in October, Lee posted an image of Allen holding up the fictitious Lincoln High School jersey from the movie. He stated that he and Allen were having dinner. The picture was posted twice with two different captions. The captions read, "Ray"Jesus Shuttlesworth"Allen Holds Up The Jersey He Wore In He Got Game. Dinner With Jesus Shuttlesworth In New York."

However, the Instagram picture Lee posted back in August was a definite hint that the two are considering the sequel film. The "Malcolm X" director said, so himself. The caption read, "Jesus And I At The US Open Tonight. We Talked About The Possible Sequel To HE GOT GAME."

Fans of the original film will have to wait how the details unfold over time. But, it looks as though the sequel may definitely be a go!

Image via Wikimedia Commons | He Got Game (Movie)