Hayley Hasselhoff in British Plus Size Fashion Show

    February 14, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Hayley Hasselhoff, the younger daughter of actor David Hasselhoff, showed off her amazing fashion sense at a Young Hollywood event just a few months ago as seen in the video clip above, and on Friday she walked the runway in a British Plus Size fashion show at London’s Vinopolis. This wasn’t the first time the experienced model was front and center in a fashion show, however. Her dad is no doubt very proud of his beautiful girl.

The show isn’t yet an official part of London Fashion Week, but Hayley, as well as other plus sized models, hope it might one day gain that sort of acclaim.

“Calling it ‘plus-size’ doesn’t do it justice,” the 21-year-old Hasselhoff said. “It’s about women with curves and women of all shapes and sizes. I just hope one day [shows like this one] will get the same respect.”

Hayley Hasselhoff is 5 foot 6 inches tall and wears a size 12-14.

David Hasselhoff shared a photo of his daughter via Instagram earlier in the week.

“So proud of my daughter @hhasselhoff good luck this weekend in London! Wish I could be there!” he captioned the photo.

Another of the show’s models shared an Instagram photo of herself with Hayley Hasselhoff. She captioned her photo, “Back stage with the gorgeous @HHasselhoff for @BPSFW #runway show today! @ArcadiaSocial #antm #milkmanagement #plus #model #blondes #curves #work”

Kudos to Hayley Hasselhoff for exuding her exceptional sense of style. Too many models are rail thin and don’t give other young girls a realistic view of normal healthy bodies. Hayley is of average size for young women in the United States. Hopefully more models like her will take to the fashion world where unreasonable expectations presently abound. If more young girls could see more normal sized models like Hasselhoff, there might not be as many suffering from eating disorders in their efforts to attain an ideal that simply isn’t real.

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  • KRS_One

    Hayley is gorgeous and I hate that she is considered “plus-size”

    • Tiffany Wright

      agreed, KRS. let’s just remember that it’s a commentary on the rest of the world. not you and me!! :-)

    • Anna Lopez

      Isn’t that the truth! She is NORMAL size. Marilyn Monroe was a size 14. She would be considered fat by today’s idiotic standards. Good for you Hayley, you’re a good role model, hopefully a few of these pencil-figure girls will take a hint from you and EAT SOMETHING!!

    • VeryGrateful

      gorgeous i don’t think so, if you like the hoff in blond hair, she could be a linebacker

  • J Paul Monquarter

    Big pig!

  • Sally Jane

    Kudos? She is not healthy at that weight.

    • Tiffany Wright

      how in the world could you possibly know that??? you don’t even know how much she weighs, and if you did, that simply defines her relationship with Earth’s gravitational pull!!
      maybe that decision could be left to her medical doctor rather than a number on a scale?

    • Jacob Rzepka

      Are you her doctor with access to her health records? I am a man who weight 247 lbs., which is considered “heavy weight”. However, I enjoy lifting weights and exercising as well as eating and the last time I went to the doctor he didn’t tell me I am unhealthy at my weight, simply that I “could lose weight if I want a six pack”. How are you a judge of who is healthy and unhealthy?

    • ProfEm

      At what weight?

  • john tanner

    I love those big butt cheeks!!!

  • palocedroqueen

    not everyone has to be “skinny”. She is beautiful. Appreciate her for what she is now as I am sure she will be fine. She really cares about herself. I am a man who prefers a woman that is not some run of the mill scrawny chick with fake boobs…

    • Anna Lopez

      Damn strait. She looks healthy, naturally curvy and beautiful. No real man would prefer a toothpick chick with botox boobs

  • Connie

    She is gorgeous! Size 12-14 is not that large at all! She looks very healthy!

    • Anna Lopez

      Even if she was size 22 it is more attractive than size 2 with bones sticking out and fake boobs to top it all off… which unfortunately seems to be the standard these days

  • John Hays

    Id bang her til she was skinny…she’s got flesh on her bones which in the modeling world means your plus-sized…1 being normal size. Hey if you guys are hot for skeletons go to Africa or better yet just go to the graveyard and dig up your dream girl…personally I like a little bit of flesh on my woman…if you think Hayley’s fat your nuts…watch the video do you shes just a normal sized girl.

    Check out that cover of the latest biggest loser “winner”…that bitch’ll be dead in a year

    • Anna Lopez

      Unfortunately John it is because of guys who diminish women with their words and attitude that many women feel the need to follow some ridiculous standards for “sexy.” Even though you prefer more normal size women, saying you’d “bang her” and calling the biggest loser winner a “bitch” is still a really crappy attitude toward women. It says you think of us as objects for your use, not people with hearts and needs. Better you think normal women are sexy, but you still need to grow up some…

      • John Hays

        When I said I’d bang her its bc this is a discussion of her looks…I dont know the girl personally (she could be a sweet girl as I suspect or a total psycho bitch like her drunk dad) so I cant comment on anything but her looks. Perhaps “I’d bang her til she was skinny” was a little crass but what I was saying was that I find her very attractive and would love to have constant sex with her.

        Women are BOTH objects and ppl with hearts and needs…lets face it guys see the object part first

      • Too funny

        Diminish women with their words? Such as like you have in other posts, insulting slim women? Or even diminishing men because they may prefer slim women by calling some men real.

        What is a ‘normal size’? What is an abnormal size?

    • Motherof 2

      Face it. Most women with an education, morals, and for this creep they don’t even need a whole lot of that, and maturity wouldn’t want to be within 1000 miles of a juvenile loser that he is that sits in his mommy’s basement and plays video games when he’s not spending his worthless life on the computer.

      • John Hays

        Morals…hindrance…less than worthless
        Maturity….yea I got that cornered


  • joseph

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Pretty face,beautiful eyes and the curves are in the right places. That is what a woman is supposed to look like unlike those that prefer their women to look like an anorexic teen boy from Jersey City.

    • Anna Lopez

      Thank you Joseph that was an exceptionally mature remark from a male commenter.

      • VeryGrateful

        if you like linebackers or girls that look like hoff. she is ok not drop dead

  • Jacob Rzepka

    Wanting to be sure, I looked up pics of Hayley outside of this article. Now I am sure that based on Hayley and other “plus-size” models look like, “plus-size” is what most American women would/should call “average”. You can’t call someone “plus-sized” if the basis of comparison (for the purposes of my argument I am considering “plus-size” to be a comparison to the average American) is the same as them. If anything, so called supermodels should be considered “minus-size” since their figures are smaller than most people you would see on the street.

    • Anna Lopez

      Damn strait. Good to see another guy with sense, who doesn’t use dirty words to refer to women.

  • wilman

    Size 14 equals 40/34/42. That’s a good size? I am a 5’10” man, and I have a 34 inch waist.

  • 99mk4gti .

    bones are for dogs…. she is beautiful to each his own I always say, but don’t judge her for her size… I find her very attractive.. give me a plus size girl over any anorexic every time.

  • DebnBruce Shook

    I think she is beautiful! I would rather have a nice woman with curves than one with bones sticking out, fake boobs and puffed lips! In my world SHE IS normal.

  • webspinner

    Who sets the standard for “Plus Size?” They definitely need to adjust their compass.
    Plus size usually starts at size 16/18w and goes up from there. I would love to be their so called “Plus Size.”

  • David Child

    she not plus size she’s normal size, the dumbsh– women who wear size 2 ,you look like a little boy, ( maybe that because alot of designers are gay.) women have boobs and azzez. the little boy herion look is soooooo OUT

  • Guest

    MOO !

  • Lia

    I think Hayley is beautiful, but while many of you are saying not to judge her for her size, I’m also seeing comments like “bones are for dogs” and similar disparaging remarks about thinner women. I’m 47 years old, and while in high school, I was miserable weighing 160. I lost weight then went in the opposite direction and became anorexic, weighing 85 at my lowest, but I’ve since maintained a healthy (and comfortable for me) weight of 105 for many years. What it all boils down to is what weight every individual feels comfortable being *in his or her own skin.* So just please remember that while some people are offended by being called overweight, those of us who are considered “skinny” can be just as offended by those who disparage thinner people by saying something as callous to us as “eat a biscuit,” “bones are for dogs” or that the only “real” women are the ones who are curvy. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but please remember that the one being beheld has feelings.

  • KBB Media

    A real beauty! LikeQuote.com

  • kathleenholmes

    what is considered plus size? 12 and 14 size is considered average.