Hayden Panettiere Compared To Country-Star Neighbor

By: Amanda Crum - November 9, 2012

Hayden Panettiere, one of the stars of ABC’s “Nashville”, has been drawing comparisons to country star Taylor Swift lately–at least, her character has. The funny thing is, the two lovely blondes are actually neighbors–in Nashville, no less–in real life.

“Taylor’s my neighbor so I talked to her about it, because in all the articles, of course the title was like, ‘Hayden Says: I Am Not Taylor Swift,'” she said.

Obviously, while the actress doesn’t want to draw comparisons to a character she’s forming, she also doesn’t want to offend a potential friend. Panettiere says she actually borrowed a guitar from Swift before the show began in order to get used to one and never gave it back.

“I saw her at the CMAs and I went up to her and I was like, ‘Hey, Girl! Good to see you. You know I still have your guitar.’ And she looked shocked,” Panettiere said.

While the two haven’t exactly become close–apparently Swift sent the guitar downstairs with two security guards rather than bringing it herself–Panettiere is undoubtedly grateful she lives in a neighborhood with so many country stars to draw inspiration from.

“Nashville” airs on Wednesdays at 10/9 central.

Amanda Crum

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  • Patrick

    Love me some HP! She is “knockdown, drag out”, gorgeous! She can run circles around Taylor Swift both in looks and sexiness! She is not only hypnotizing, but also mesmerizing! Am I hooked? YEP! Love Nashville on ABC too!

  • Zeus

    Sorry, but though Hayden may be stunning. Taylor Swift is a goddess.

    • http://abdi mukemilmehdi

      baby what are you duweing

  • Todd

    I say the show more resembles Kerry Underwood vs Faith Hill Faith being the aging star and Kerry the up and coming Queen of country music, That is not to say I am suggesting the Kerry is anything like Hayden’s character or that Faith is bitter about being eclipsed by Kerry

    • http://yahoo Len Isaacs

      i agree w/todd that haydens character resembels more like carrie underwoods than taylor swift and connies character resembles faith hill not only on the show but i believe faith feels this way about carrie in real life

    • http://abdi mukemilmehdi

      hlo love

  • AltasSnope

    I think she’s a slut that got diddled by her father when she was small. She loves to fuck older men to get roles in Hollywood. She is a beard for gay men and even is a escort for hire.

    What a GREAT role model.

  • http://abdi mukemilmehdi


  • harley

    They both suck ass…..

  • Bob Smith

    @AltasSnope Looks like you’ve been spending quite a lot of time online reading gossip atricles and believing untrue rumours and being gullible enough to rely on everything you’ve read online that has not even been sourced first-hand.

    Hayden is 23 years of age and I’m sure is very capable of making up her own decision of who she wants to date, and quite frankly, what has her personal life got to do with you? Actually, she is currently dating someone 1 year older than her, so your comment is very much unconvincing.

    Another thing – “What a GREAT role model”? Yes, Hayden IS a great role model. Hayden is part of many charity organizations and has been using her voice for the greater good before even Heroes or her fame began. If you think you know all about Hayden and her personal life then you should by now know about her activism and how at just 18 years old, Hayden travelled out to Taiji, Japan, to peacefully protest against the senseless slaughtering of dolphins and whales and risked her neck on the line by doing so and was issued an arrest warrant. Hayden has constantly been using her voice for causes needing much awareness and not only has she merely spoke about them, but she goes out and physically contributes. You have no right to make such undignified comments associated with a very respectful woman and real-life hero such as Hayden.

    These are acts of true role models, so yes, what a great role model Hayden IS! Have you ever been brave enough to physically go out and bring awareness of a much-worthy cause or do you keep yourself barred behind a computer screen reading gossip online and forming worthless opinions about people you don’t know and, evidently, haven’t a clue about?