Hawaii School Shooting: Police Officer Fires at Runaway Teen

    January 29, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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A shooting occurred early Tuesday morning at Roosevelt High School in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Unlike the typical school shootings that have taken place lately, this instead involved police officers.

A police officer shot a 17-year-old runaway boy in the wrist following the attack of three other officers.

School officials notified the police when they realized that the boy, who was previously enrolled, was a runaway felon and not a student at the school anymore.

Commander of the Honolulu Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division, Richard Robinson, reported to Daily Mail that the boy responded defensively in attempt to get away from officers when they arrived to the school “to take him into custody.”

The boy violently attacked one cop with a knife, cutting him in his chest area. Two other officers were also punched.

In retaliation, an officer shot two rounds, one of which hit the teenage boy in the wrist.

One witness said that the confrontation between the boy and the officers most likely happened in a school counselor’s office since he was not too far away from the shots.

The school of 1,500 students was immediately locked down following the stream of events.

The shooting, which occurred at 8:30 a.m., prompted school officials to cancel classes early and students were ordered to evacuate off campus at a nearby memorial cemetery.

A number of parents showed up at the school waiting to hear word from their children.

President of the statewide police officers union told KBAC-TV that the police officers didn’t plan on shooting the boy but regardless of age, if a suspect poses a threat then police officers are expected to protect themselves.

According to Education Department officials, “Hawaii is one of 12 states that have not had a school shooting, or someone entering a campus with the intent to shoot.”

Piers Morgan posted on Twitter Tuesday that the school shooting ranks 37 in American history, but later deleted the tweet.

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  • Piers

    Piers Morgan works for the government and has been trying to get the government to take the guns. It is so evident when you watch his show. Here is what I want Piers to do. I want him to play all the 911 calls from Sandy Hook and compare them to Columbine. I want him to show real footage of real school shootings and compare them to Sandy Hook. Then all of America can see how fake Sandy Hook really was. Then we can talk about gun control.

    Before you think I own a gun, I don't, but there is an agenda to get the guns in this country and I am appalled by Sandy Hook. Not a damn thing makes sense at Sandy Hook. Go watch the videos of that day. Go listen to the 911 calls. Compare them to real shootings. Something is wrong about Sandy Hook. Something is very very very wrong.

    As for this shooting, I find it hard to believe that 4 officers had to shoot a teenage kid. The amount of police violence has skyrocketed. Police shoot first and make up the stories later and they right the incident reports. Believe it if you want, but I am a grown man. I know for a fact, me and three of my friends could bring down a teenager without having to shoot him.

    This Hawaii incident is a small one. The real incident though is Sandy Hook. I encourage EVERYONE to look into Sandy Hook. None of it adds up and to this day, we have not seen pictures of the shooter or the victims. Look at the entire 17 hours of school footage. Look at CNN showing a fake school on TV and cops running into that fake school. Look at Anderson Cooper in front of a green screen when he said he was live at a Sandy Hook funeral. Listen to the 911 tapes and compare them to Columbine. Look at real school shootings around the world and compare them to Sandy Hook on that day. Look at the parking lot and no rescue vehicles. No life flight helicopters. Nothing.