Have You Seen Bing’s Commercials Yet?

    June 4, 2009
    Chris Crum

Microsoft has set up a YouTube channel for its new search engine Bing. There are a variety of Bing-related videos here, including a few commercials. Here are two of them:

I have to admit I don’t mind the commercials. I don’t know if they’ll be converting me to a full-time Bing user, but they’re not bad, and seem to be going over better than the Seinfeld/Gates ones.

Not everybody loves the new commercials, but repsonses are ranging from "I think these are funny and great," to "These are annoying, I hate them." These are presumbaly from those who know Microsoft has recently released a new search engine. Then you have some like this:

What is Bing?

Just before Bing’s arrival, it was reported that Microsoft was spending $80-100 million on advertising Bing. This would include TV, radio, print, and online ads.