Have Google’s Plans Fallen Into the Wrong Hands?

Facebook Engineer Reportedly Says Company Has Google Documents

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According to Michael Arrington, an unnamed Faacebook engineer attended TechCrunch’s party the other night and bragged to a group of people that Facebook "knows all about Google’s social product plans". This person evidently said or implied that Facebook has obtained copies of internal Google documents that outline the company’s social strategy.

This whole "Google vs. Facebook" thing may get real. As Arrington notes, neither company will comment on this, so there’s no real confirmation that any of this is true. It could’ve just been a Facebook employee messing with people. Or maybe it’s true and these companies are about to go to battle on a different level.

If it’s the latter, and the cat is really out of the bag, it’s surely going to have to be addressed. Some are already speculating that a lawsuit will ensue, but it’s certainly early in this story to jump the gun on that.

Has Facebook let the cat out of the bag?

Either way, as if Facebook didn’t have enough to worry about between never-ending privacy complaints and lawsuits (frivolous or not), they may have a new problem on their hands.

Google hasn’t revealed much about its social strategy outside of the products it has already released, but rumors have been rampant that the company has some things in the works aimed at rivaling Facebook. It looks like games will be a significant part of that.

Have Google’s Plans Fallen Into the Wrong Hands?
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    Play the right hand correctly & google can still fare well against facebook!

  • Guest

    G. will fail just like in the past. People love Facebook too much and that’s where their friends are for years. Also G. is an evil company. More evil than FB. G. is too late in the game. Give it a few months after launch for them to forget about it. The only way they can be successful at anything is by buying the competitors.

  • aaron

    oh! “Facebook vs. Google” theme is not right, you why? coz google is a search engine and they MUST focus on that thing, never mind facebook or other social media, coz each and everyone of you has a big role on the internet industry. Google really wants to dominate the entire online industry. well i guess its a google really is EVIL if this happens.. well goodluck to facebook… Mark should not let google ruin his facebook.. lolz

  • Guest

    lol @ naive Aaron.
    IMO Mark is blatantly evil and cares not for peoples needs or rights.
    I’m less sure about google, but it certainly less evil than fakebook, which from my perspective rapes people’s privacy. Someone else uses a third party app, and now (without my consent) the app has access to MY PRIVATE information which I chose to share with my friend only. I am not sure if this scenario has changed regard to this practice with ‘facebook aps’ but either way I don’t use it anymore anyway.

    Go GOOGLE!

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