Have A Coke And A Ringtone

    September 6, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Contrary to popular belief, they do serve soft drinks in Ireland. Soon, thanks to a deal between Coca-Cola and UK-based Inspired Broadcast Networks, the sons and daughters of Erin will be able to download a Coke along side the latest whiny U2 song from the same machine.

According to ElectricNews.net, IBN has just inked a deal with Coca-Cola to distribute digital content from soft drink vending machines at 5 locations in Ireland. Through a broadband DSL connection, the machines will be linked up with IBN’s online content management system.

Customers will be able to plug in their mobile phones’ memory card into a special vending machine drive to download ringtones, mobile phone top-ups, and music.

The companies expect to extend the service to more than 200 locations in the next few months. If you want this type of impulse-buying convenience Stateside, however, you’ll have to wait for somebody on this side of the pond to broker the deal. IBN has no plans to extend the program outside of Europe.