Hatfields & McCoys Might Be a Hit, but Costner is Too Busy to Notice

    May 31, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Hatfields & McCoys, the History Channel’s miniseries about the long-standing feud between the two families, has turned out to be a pretty big hit, with kudos coming in from all angles. Bill Paxton, Tom Berenger, and Kevin Costner star in the program, all of whom should be quite pleased with the results. If Twitter reactions are to be believed, there are quite a few individuals out there who simply cannot get enough of the historical drama.

What does Kevin Costner think of the miniseries’ sudden popularity? Nobody seems to know. Although producers have attempted to reach out to the “Field of Dreams” actor, he’s yet to make contact. The reason: Costner is currently diving off the coast of Africa in search of treasure. According to the Los Angeles Times, Costner owns a company that frequently embarks on such worldly expeditions, which effectively makes the guy a parttime Indiana Jones clone. Somebody should make a documentary about this post-haste.

Thinkfactory Media CEO Leslie Greif, the man responsible for bringing the tale to life on the small screen, has attempted to congratulate the star on his recent success, though he’s having some difficulty doing so. Apparently cell phone reception at the bottom of the ocean is a little spotty in that part of the world.

“No one can reach him. We’re all desperate to reach him. He has no idea what’s going on,” Greif explained. “He’s off the coast of Africa somewhere. He has a company that goes on explorations, and he’s on a treasure dive in parts unknown. He’s diving for treasure.”

Someone should tell him he’s looking in the wrong place for dry land.

When he isn’t trotting the globe in search of riches or lending his talents to the art of filmed entertainment, the “Bull Durham” alumni can be found rocking out with his band Kevin Costner and the Modern West. From what I understand, they’re not half bad. Have a listen below.

If you’re one of the many who missed the “Hatfields & McCoys” miniseries, fear not: You can always head down to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and partake in the Hatfield-McCoy Dinner Feud. Choose your table carefully.

Things I learned from Hatfields & McCoys:Forgive before it snowballs.Watch your back.Trust with care.Target practice (just in case).
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Watching “Hatfields & McCoys” on the History Channel? Not me. In Tennessee, when we wanna see Hillbillies Fight, we just go to Walmart
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Hatfields & McCoys. Loving it.
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Hatfields & McCoys is so awesome.
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I bet Patrick Swayze’s ghost is so heartbroken that he can’t be part of the Hatfields & McCoys miniseries.
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  • Margaret

    Absolutely loved the Hatfields & McCoys. Rank it up there with Lonesome Dove (not ahead of, but nearby). I love Kevin Costner in these kind of roles, well let’s just face it, I love Kevin Costner. Thanks History Channel for such a good show.

    • Vicki

      The movie was moving,heart warmng ,distrubing,fantastic,and I am glad I was not livin in that time of history. My husband and I was sad,happy,thrilled,and scared for people back in those days. How did this Fued Start? Thank You for bringing such history to life,we would like to see more movies like this.

      • Penny

        The feud started, according to the movie and Wikipedia, when Anse Hatfield deserted from the Confederacy, and went back to WV to start a successful logging company. Randall Hatfield, who was in the same unit, chose to stay in the war, got taken prisoner, and when he came back, was a broken man, very envious of the affluence afforded to his former friend Anse Hatfield.

        • Mike

          From Wiki – Asa Harmon McCoy was murdered on January 7, 1865. Jim Vance, the uncle of Devil Anse Hatfield, despised Harmon because he had joined the Union Army during the American Civil War. Harmon was discharged from the army early because of a broken leg. He returned home to a warning from Vance that Harmon could expect a visit from Devil Anse’s Wildcats. Frightened by gunshots as he drew water from his well, Harmon hid in a nearby cave, supplied with food and necessities each day by his slave, Pete; but the Wildcats followed Pete’s tracks in the snow, discovered Harmon and shot him fatally.

  • Gary Clement

    Hatfield’s and McCoy’s is great. Had a chance to see a few episodes a few days ago, and they were great.

  • http://yahoo larry

    i thought it was a very good movie and like others before it cant get enough of it. even though siding with the hatfields i thought very good acting on both sides. and for me perry cline did in the mccoys.

    • http://webpronews phyllis hampton

      i think jim hatfield should have been hung at the start.he kept the frued going.

      • pammie

        Jim hatfield started it. by killing a drunk mcCoy.But it really started over a pig and some land.How ridiculous. When that land was the cherokee’s in the first place.

      • Cece

        I was Jim Vance not Jim Hatfield, Jim Vance was the uncle of Devil Anse.

      • Hatfieldmeister

        Sounds like McCoy talk to me.

  • John Black

    Very good movie. I didn’t know if i was getting mad at times or witch side was right or wrong. from my point of view the McCoy’s are wrong and its a shame they didn’t pay for it a little more than they did.

    • GHoman

      Did you people watch the same show I did? How could you side with the Hatfields? The drew first blood, they didn’t abide by the law, they killed almost all of Randall’s immediate family, Devil Anse almost killed his own son. What is wrong with you people?

      • Hatfieldmeister

        Typical McCoy nonsense.

  • Deanie

    Wish I could have read what happened to the characters afterwards. screen moving too fast to read all of it.

    • sparty

      yes i agree, i am no speed readier

      • Shawnie

        I agree, too; the wording at the end was so fast.

      • GHoman

        Anyone ever try to use the reverse and pause functions on their cable boxes?

    • AWeaver

      Agree 100%…..the afterward went way too fast.

    • K

      I agree – the words went to fast. If they show that over they should slow it down so we can read it!!!

    • Robert Maffia

      A very good historical movie. However, I would have liked to read the comments at the end of the movie. I thought they were important to the story.

    • Mike

      From Wiki (again) – In 1888, Wall Hatfield and eight others were arrested by a posse led by Frank Phillips and brought to Kentucky to stand trial for the murder of Alifair McCoy, who was killed during the New Years Massacre.[9] She had been shot after exiting the burning house. Because of issues of due process and illegal extradition, the United States Supreme Court became involved (Mahon v. Justice, 127 U.S. 700 (1888))[10]. The Supreme Court ruled 7–2 in favor of Kentucky, holding that even if a fugitive is returned from the asylum state illegally instead of through lawful extradition procedure, no federal law prevents him from being tried. Eventually the men were tried in Kentucky and all were found guilty. Seven received life imprisonment, while the eighth, Ellison “Cottontop” Mounts, was executed by hanging.[11] Thousands attended the hanging in Pikeville, Kentucky.

  • Scott

    Goes to prove people prefer good television over the likes of crap like American Idol, Dancing With Wannabes, and America Has No Talent.

  • Robin

    Hatfield’s & McCoys was great!! Thanks History Channel! Would love to see more Historic Movies like this one. Acting great! Costumes great! Only one complaint…at the end when it shows what happened afterward to all the different characters…it went by SO fast I couldn’t read it. Slow it down.
    All in all…enjoyed watching it immensely!

    • steve

      Tivo is your friend.

    • michelle

      I agree.I love mini-series and documentaries on facinating and heart-wrentching stories of our past.I can’t seem to get enough of history either.It’s facinating and we learn so much from it,hopefully.

  • Gina

    Its was refreshing to watch The Hatfields and Mccoys, tired of sitcoms, reality TV. Loved my favorite actor Tom Berenger who played Jim Vance. I learned alot from the history of these two fighting families of W. Virgnia and Kentucky.

  • Tom

    Tom Berenguer’s not in the series. BOOTH POWERS is.

    • Chicky Monkey

      1)Tom Berenger not Berenguer
      2) Tom Berenger IS in the mini series
      3) Powers Booth not Booth Powers
      4) You are a tool

    • Marc

      Tom Berenger played Uncle Jim Vance. Powers Boothe played Uncle Walter Hatfield.

    • Mike

      What? Did you watch the series? Who do you think played Uncle Tom Vance? Berenger.

    • tyson

      tom berenger is in the series as uncle jim vance….pay attention boy….

    • http://webpronews phyllis hampton

      tom berenber was uncle jim. stars n the program WAS bill paxton,tom berenger,kenin costner

  • Melanie Teel

    I too ranked it right up there with Lonesome Dove. Wish you could have made the movie without using God’s name in vain.

    • soosie

      tom ^^ tom berenguer was in the series, he played uncle jim (hatfield) :)

      • http://yahoo hollywood

        I agree the movie would have been just as good. That disappointed me.

    • darrell gardner

      how else could they have shown the way mccoy reacted without bring his belief into it [God was a big part of mccoys thinking he was in the right]

  • steve

    Great example how hate destroys. Mcoy couldn’t let go of his hatred and lost everthing. While Hatfield let his go and salvaged his life. Don’t know how accurate this dipiction is, but still a great lesson for all.

  • Norman McBride

    Excellent miniseries, great acting by all. Like most, I was upset at the end of the movie when the futures of the people was scrolling—it was too fast to keep up with—very frustrating.

    • Tom

      it was fast scrolling….glad i DVR’d it!

  • Sara

    Loved the Hatfield and McCoys. Excellent movie. This is going to be a long summer with nothing but reruns. I like to see a GOOD movie.

    Thank History Channel

  • Claude

    Prior to watching this film I had a different idea about how things happened and with family roots in that part of the country I had different loyalties. After watrching the film, if it is factual I must say my views have changed. i don’t belive Anderson Hatfield to be the Devil he has been made out to be. I do believe there was a lot of stupidity on both sides that sparked this feud and kept it going. Anyway I did enjoy it very much.


    the series was great. 1 negative. at the end when the the people involved were being discussed, that part rolled way way way to fast, and the print was made for very young eyes.i don’t need glasses to watch tv but when those discriptions of the principles and their death i was to late in reaching for my glasses to do me any good.

  • Everett Lenk

    My mother asked me to watch the Hatfields and McCoys and I said you are crazy, I am not interested. I started to watch episode number 1 and by the time it was half way threw good luck getting me away from the TV. Episode number 2 you will need the army to keep me away the TV and Episode 3 you will need a nuclear device. It was without a doubt the best TV show I ever seen I TV peroid end. The acting was awesome WOW and the progression of the story was just incredible double WOW. I know there is no chance for number 2 but it is not needed.

  • Steve Hartzell

    I didn’t know when to watch so missed all but the Previews ! How can we purchase or at least see this movie?

    • Goodshow

      The serie will replay Saturday June 2nd, with the 3 episodes being played in a row starting at 6:00 pm

  • duane decker

    Good show.It is nice to see the historey channel have something on other than Pawn Stars.

  • Maggie

    I couldn’t help but read up on the family afterwards and thankfully History Channel stayed very close to actual facts. I read up on the family and watching it come to life on TV was great. The overall series was a great testament to how good television can be without crappy reality shows. My favorite line was said before they showed what happened to those that survived. “They lived and died to separate families, but one name cannot be spoken with out the other.” Great JOB!

  • Diane

    The movie was great. Kevin is great in anything he is in.

  • http://webbpronews.com Sheila

    It was a great show, heartbreaking at times. Have to agree with everyone else, the “rest of the story” rolled by much too quickly to read, would love to know what it said.

  • Roger Hunter

    Excellent movie. Very gripping. Hard to sleep afterword from reliving the show.

    History Channel should review “The Frontiersman” and do a series on the life of Simon Kenton (Butler)and the settling of the Ohio River Valley.

  • Gary

    Costner can afford to hire a great female singer and a great band, he’s got that for sure. But he’s weak vocally, not horrible, I’ve heard worse, but definitely a much better actor than singer. I am enjoying Hatfields and McCoys.

  • tom

    I can understand why McCoy hated Hatfield. McCoy saved Hatfield from being shot during the Civil War, only to have Hatfield desert the Southern Army. McCoy ended in a prisoner of war camp that fueled his hatred towards Hatfield. Hatfield became affluent with the timber industry while McCoy sat as a P.O.W. and came home a broken man.
    There were many reasons for the feud that spiraled out of control.

  • alice

    Couldn’t get enough of Hatfields and McCoys. It was sooooooo goooood!!!

  • linda

    Fantastic loved every second of it.I will fight with the Mccoys damn those Hatfields!!! hahahaha

    • http://yahoo Darrell McCoy

      WAY TO GO GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vincent Cassaro

      There are no “lazy writers” on reality TV just cameramen shooting idiots

  • Brandon

    Only disappointing part was when it was all over. Best TV I have ever seen. Proves that good writing and acting will trump the stupidity that is “reality” tv. Reality tv should be dubbed “lazy writers”

  • http://yahoo Darrell McCoy

    THE REAL McCoy has a small ” c ” for the second letter and a capital ” C ” for the third letter in ” McCoy “. A Hell of lot more McCoy’s died than Hatfields !!!!!!!!!!!! BUT IT ALL STARTED WHEN COSTNER DESERTED THE ARMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherry

    Great mini-series from start to finish. Why can’t we get more movies like this? Film makers take notice, this is what your public wants. Congrats to all the actors, they did a superb job.

  • Vincent Cassaro

    Loved the show but was hoping to see more toothless men. Mare Winningham was EXCELLENT as Ma McCoy, my only disapointment was that the end credits on the family was way too short. As a part of history I feel the credits should have been longer & larger type. A retired film editor

    • a hatfield

      Toothless men? I can not imagine how bad your films were.

  • Frank Lewis

    This was a great series and hope History channel does more. If you would like to see another great movie, (Incase you missed it) watch Taking Chance on HBO.

  • Frank Lewis

    This was a great series, keep it up History channel. Another great
    movie on last week was Taking Chance, its a HBO movie thats been out
    a year or so, but if you missed it, go see it. Kevin Bacon is the star character.

  • JWayne

    Loved the series. Costner and Clint make great westerns. But did anyone notice the McCoys called their father “Poppy”. I think they were aiming for Pappy which is more in tune with that era. Poppy is a spanish term considered nasty to use almost all the time.

  • Pearl

    I would really like to watch the series again. I did not know that it took until 2003 for the remaining decendents to sign a truce. The history channel should put on more shows like this one.

  • Kay

    Great movie my mother in law grew up in W VA. She says thats how they talked back then, she’s 79 yrs old.i I just wish they had slowed it
    down so you could read about them at the end of movie.History Channel please make more movie like this….Loved it..

  • Bill

    i’ll forever be behold’en to that History Channel for that fine piece they presented bout them there Hatfields and McCoys. I jest have one question for them writers of this show. Was there no feudin come winter time? Best as I can recoleck it gets a bit cold up there in the hollars of Kentucky and West Virginny , not nere the first look of snow in that entire 30 years.


    All in all, this was a very good miniseries. A great story. Devil Anse, should be rotting in hell right now.

  • http://yahoo Harold

    The Hatfields and McCoy’s was awsome I had planned on watching all 3 nights and for once my plans worked out I was’nt interupted. No work to do or family emergencies. And I’m glad because it was one of the best television programs I have watched in a long time. The History channel did a great job. HAT’S OFF TO THEM

  • http://m Mary

    Thank you History Channel for one of the best programs I ever saw. I did not want for it to end. I agree with everyone else that at the end the credits went too fast and my old eyes could not read fast enough as to what happened. I love Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger but I almost put away all my other movies with these terrific actors because I was so mad at the Hatfields. All other tv shows, BOO so please make more programs History Channel and by the way hubby wants to defend Pawn Stars cause he likes it. (He’s a Hatfield).

  • Justin

    The comments did go to fast, however its the age of DVR. Pause it! Also this was friggen awesome. Costner should win a golden globe or whatever award they give for tv miniseries.

  • johnii


  • William Bigger

    Excellent 3 Day Series,Had To Dvr So I Can Watch Again :-)

  • http://www.jctribute.com Ralph Curtis

    Thanks History Channel for providing another entertaining mini series.

  • Penny

    Anyone who ever makes a joke, a musical or a comedy about this feud did a severe disservice to the people who died. It was no laughing matter, and was a terrible thing to have happened to two good families.

  • http://yahoo TxMx Tina

    I was totally into the Hatfields & McCoys! What a life! Very powerful characters and extra ordinary living circumstances! Alot of people comment that the feud between these two families started due to a pig, however to me it started when Mr. Hatfield desserted his troop when they were at war. the story is magnificent! i was a bit let down with the stories at the end about the charactors and what happened to their lives after the series was over because the stories ran so fast it was like speed reading on the screen at the end! Shame we could not find out a true ending! Thank you history channel for providing us with a WORTHY reality history show! Now THAT is reality!

  • Molly


  • http://yahoo Relish

    Thank you History Channel.
    Loved the show watched all three nights. It is a shame the TV does not have more shows of interest other than reality garbage. Thank you Kevin Costner we love you in Texas.

  • Spam Who

    I bet obama thinks he already thinks he has too much money.

  • george

    if hatfield deserted the confederate army and then went “home” to West Virginia, that really makes no historical sense since West Virginia fought for the union in that war

  • http:/www.speedbagcentral.com alan

    Awesome Mini-series. Sadly, we watch this same feud playout every night, all over the world. It’s called ethnic cleansing, Hate and kill “this group” at any cost. Taught at birth, perpetuated by families and certain religions. Wish they could also let it go like the Hatfields and McCoys, ….but probably not.

  • http://facebook john hevezi

    I enjoyed the Hatfields & McCoys. I like the way the elder Hatfield depended on his gut instincts,and McCoy trusted his faith in God. When it was over McCoy lost his faith,Hatfield found faith in God. I wonder where the truth lies?

  • Gayle

    GREAT mini-series. Sad it’s over. Hope History Channel does more work of this calibre. I will buy the DVD set.

  • CGarner

    I thought it was a well done series it kept me excited to see the next nights episode. The events were very tragic and moving to me I am a mother of four and the thought of my kids being killed like that is the worst nightmare a mother could go have. It is alot better than the other shows that are on now! I will by the DVD when it comes out.

  • Tim Mahy

    Damn, that song was pretty good. Kevin Costner may be a better musician than an actor.

  • annette

    LOVED the mini series Hatfields and McCoys!! I wish television could be this good all the time!!

  • Joyce

    What a fantastic mini-series. I hated to see it end. Kevin Costner and the rest outdid themselves. I also would like to have seen more at the end of what happened to the families. Wish it was a lot longer. TV will be boring tonight.

  • cheryl

    Where was AA and Al-

    Anon when you could have used them

  • Janet

    My husband and I really enjoyed this mini series. We have it recorded so we can watch it again as usually it takes 2 or 3 times before you catch everything being said and done. It is a great example of how anger and jealousy can fuel the fire of hatred way past the point of being ridiculous!

  • http://comcast Jackie Jackson

    Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Couldn’t wait for it to come on!Love westerns. The acting was outstanding- and Kevin Costner, what can I say!!! ONE WISH ON MY BUCKET LIST IS TO BE IN A WESTERN MOVIE OR ON A WESTERN MOVIE SET. Hatfields and McCoys—REAL TELEVISION!!!!!

  • lh

    Guess you call that a Western Redneck family fued! Imagine the shooting and killing they did!……………..

  • lh

    Guess you call that a Western Redneck family fued! Imagine the shooting and killing they did!……………..

  • lh

    But it was a good story of true telling story,so to speak yet was sad but interesting and a look at ancestors for ya!…………….damn shame it had to happen like that tho’.