Hate Mail Drives Controversial Website Offline

TshirtHell.com closing up shop

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It’s either a brilliant publicity stunt or one of the gutsiest t-shirt sellers on the Web really lost his nerve. The proprietor (undertaker?) of TshirtHell.com is closing up shop because he’s tired of dealing with hate mail.

As a Web writer whose been on the receiving end of more than a few nasty comments, I can say, if you give in to hate mail the terrorists win. Regardless, “Sunshine Megatron” is just tired of it all.

Hate Mail Drives Controversial Website Offline
Aaron Schwarz aka Sunshine Megatron

If this is the first you’ve heard of TshirtHell, it’s been “where all the bad shirts go” since 2001, and offers for sale purposefully offensive and satirical shirts donning messages like “It’s not gay if you beat them up afterwards" and, with pole-stripper graphic, “I support single moms.”

Megatron, nee Aaron Landau Schwarz—his new name was the result of an online renaming contest that stemmed from apparent maternal issues as expressed at his blog—has posted a farewell letter on his site saying he “didn’t feel like dealing with idiots anymore” and would shutter the business on February 10.

Receiving an apparently tremendous amount of hate mail after releasing the shirt about beating up gays, Megatron/Schwarz is upset with people not understanding the irony and social commentary inherent in his t-shirts.

“I’m just going to stop making shirts,” he writes. “It’s not enjoyable anymore and I have enough money to move on to something more rewarding. Maybe I’ll start my own hooker farm or maybe I’ll practice sleeping. Whatever I decide to do, it will be better than this.”

Sunshine…sigh…Schwarz…he says the site still sells about 3,000 shirts weekly, but also says expressly the business is not for sale to interested venture capitalists or other investors for fear they won’t do the site justice.

Hate Mail Drives Controversial Website Offline

For what it’s worth from an entry likely heavily targeted for editing, Wikipedia reports the TshirtHell owner was once poisoned by someone offended by his shirts. If so, that could be a clue as to the level of hate mail Schwarz receives.


Hate Mail Drives Controversial Website Offline
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  • http://dofollow001.com/ AndyW

    Good, I’m glad that idiots gone – maybe he’ll get a proper job now

    • Guest

      In your comment, ‘idiots’ is a contraction composed of the words ‘idiot’ and ‘is’. It should be written as ‘idiot’s’, you idiot.

  • Guest

    Its called Free Speech. It also applies to what you say on your shirt. Offensive or not, people were buying them. I am sad they are going out of business. I have fond memories of looking through their pages of offensive, but hilarious (that is if you actually have a sense of humor) shirts. Someone else will pick up where he left off. Don’t worry the offensive t shirt won’t die with the closing of one online shop.

  • http://www.pr-interactive.com FL Web Design

    Sometimes bad publicity is just a good as good publicity. look at mr. howard stern.

  • http://www.privacylover.com Frank

    I find it hard to believe that someone quits a profitable business because of some stupid mail. I find it even harder to believe he refuses to seel his profitable business.

  • Jason / T-shirt hell Customer

    I’ve loved T-shirt hell for years. I’ve ordered several times and never been disappointed. While some shirts they sell are even past my own lack of good taste, many are simply a means to start conversation, give people a good laugh, or a quick way to assess the personality of someone you’ve just met when they see the shirt your wearing. I even purchased a few shirts for my daughter when she was born. Her shirts have never received anything but a good laugh.

    If true, I can understand quiting and shutting the doors after making your money rather than selling off the business and watching it either collapse or grow even bigger without you. It’s more of an all or nothing attitude with something you created and built into a success.

    If untrue, it’s a great way to move product during this recession as fans will purchase a shirt or two before the “doors close” and they are stuck with Hot Topic or some other site. Then they announce that he received enough positive email to keep the store open and the fanboys rejoice.

  • Guest

    only losers are offended by this person… if you are offended by what he sells, then you need to get a life and find a way to be happy.

    losers are for the gays

  • NinetyNein

    I’m glad he’s gone. Not because of the t-shirts though. I submitted two slogans to the site, both of which were used word for word shortly after I submitted them. I didn’t get a damn thing.

  • Guest

    say what you will ,he made money out of others insecurity,and if you curb free expression ,maybe you are gay ?

  • Guest

    a comment committed to offend some,is a comment not to far ,as most jokes are of that nature!where would we be without Humour

  • http://www.websitetutorial.googlepages.com/how-to-create-your-website.htm create a website

    That’s a news

  • http://www.eraserve.com Eraserve

    If you are offended by reading a T-Shirt then perhaps you should stop reading them.
    The same thing applies to movies that offend you, do not watch them.
    If you find a TV Show that offends you change the channel.
    If you find a Radio Station that offends you change the station.

    Why ruin everyone else

  • http://www.ascentent.com Ent Services

    I think those who writes hate mail needs to go for some psychological evaluation. They are a menace to society.

  • http://www.hvschina.com.cn Hotel Consultants

    I am sure worried about receiving hate mails. Is the government going create a new law to curb this?

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