Has Twitter Reached Its Capacity?

    April 22, 2008

Perhaps it’s a sign of growing pains (good pains!), but a number of twitterers (i guess it’s a nicer term than “twits”) have mentioned that twits are not appearing in their twitter stream…which could be a concern for some, especially as twitters @ other users and direct messages are fast replacing email and IM for a number of the users.

I was a little surprised that some conversations seemed to be ending mid stream, till I went to the individual twitter stream (typically twitter.com/(username) ) and saw the continuation of our conversation there.

So, if that chatty blonde suddenly stops chatting, go over to her twitter page and see if she’s replied.

I’d also be prepared just in case “she” is a gold farmer/credit card collector over in Russia or China too…

As a form of consolation, twitter has posted an update that they’re recovering missing twits and will be inserting them into your twitter stream. If you’re a heavy volume twitter user however, it might be faster to check individual pages before the torrent or updates pushes the re-inserted twits off your archived pages.

Oh yes, Twitter gets my vote for “digital crack” for the more social among us. I think the Type As and the hack-and-slashers will be still hypnotized by Kongregate.