Has Blogger Been Hit by an Autogenerating Account Bot?

    February 21, 2007

Over the past few days I’ve been receiving a wave of blog spam from SEO lab – all of it to blogspot accounts – and all built around hyphenated money keywords ending in a seemingly random 2 or 3 alphanumeric characters.

For example:


All of them are running a paid ads feed from superfastsearch.info, which then feeds paid ads from discountsearch.org – both domains registered as hosted in Thailand and as owned by a Lisa Edwards and Co, Ltd.

The ads themselves are server from the IP, which is registered to an ISPrime, Inc.

Overall, if I were a PPC advertiser, I would be pretty pissed off that I were paying people who have done little else but blogspam their way through blogspot.

But, then again, one of the sick points about business is that where business pays, people will do it.

Still, here’s hoping Google will be able to kill the blogspot accounts faster than I can flag them, and hope PPC advertisers get a little more savvy about what they actually pay for, and from where.



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