Harry Styles Moving On From Kendall Jenner

    March 5, 2014
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You would think after throwing your boyfriend a birthday bash for his 20th birthday your relationship would last a while. That was not the case with Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles.

A little over a week ago Styles ended his three month relationship with Jenner, and Jenner is heartbroken.

A Kardashian family friend exclusively told HollywoodLife.com, “Kendall is absolutely crushed that Harry ended their relationship. She’s heartbroken and leaning on her sisters for support. She didn’t think she’d fall so hard for him the first place. She wanted to take their relationship to the next level and he basically said he couldn’t give her what she wanted and he didn’t want to hurt her.”

The reason Styles broke up with Jenner seems to be the singer’s busy schedule. At least that is what he told her.

“Kendall had a gleam of hope, but she wasn’t his dream girl and his schedule was his out. He could have let it continue but it was his decision to move on,” said an insider.

Maybe the busy schedule is true, since Styles is busy working on another album and Jenner is focusing on her modeling career. Said a source, “Kendall has been focusing on her modelling: And Harry’s preparing for work on the band’s fourth album, as well as their stadium tour. The reality is that with everything they both have going on, it’s impossible to sustain anything serious.”

While Jenner may be moping around between modeling gigs because she got dumped, it looks like Styles may have already moved on.

The One Direction singer was seen at a restaurant in California recently with two ladies, one of which closely resembled Jenner. While it isn’t clear if there is anything romantic between Styles and either (both) of the ladies, a source claims Styles is ready for a serious relationship.

“He wants a serious girlfriend, but just can’t find anyone he feels can deal with the life that he leads right now,” said a source.

Jenner took the time to give some sound advice on her Instagram recently. You be the judge of if it is directed toward Styles or not.

Image via Harry Styles, Instagram.

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    Do you have any journalism skills at all? she didnt even throw him a party unless you consider him being without her, with his friends in Jamaica, and then without her with his friends in London, her throwing a party.

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    Also please explain to me how Christa Miller from Cougar Town “closely resembles” Kendall Jenner please stop trying to make a story out of nothing.

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    Christa Miller is the apparent lookalike and also has a hubby she’s been married to since 99. She’s also good friends with Zach Braff who’s buddy buddy with Harry. Plus if the rumors of a possible movie career for Harry hold any truth, it makes sense he’d be out with 2 women in the acting scene