Harry Potter’s Emma Watson Does Well In Searches

    July 10, 2007

A new movie, the last book – it’s Harry Potter time again, and Internet traffic in the UK seems to reflect as much.  Yet, surprisingly, it’s Emma Watson, and not Daniel Radcliffe, who nabbed the (Gryffindor) lion’s share of searches.

I’m happy for this young lady – she’s undoubtedly quite rich thanks to her role as Hermione, and presumably enjoys playing the part, as well.  Still, I’m not too comfortable with her position in the search results.

“UK Internet users are on the hunt for photos and gossip about this latest celebrity, with searches for ‘Emma Watson photos’ and ‘Emma Watson boyfriend’ topping the list of queries related to the star,” reports Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins.

Even more disturbing: “UK searches for ‘Emma Watson’ have increased four fold in the past two weeks to overtake Paris Hilton (though I should mention by just one half of one percentage point),” Hopkins continues.  So this poor girl is caught up with a – well, I’ll let think of your own words to describe Hilton.

Watson is also mixed in with an infamous dead wrestler.  “Emma Watson was the sixth most searched for celebrity in the UK last week after Chris Benoit, Kate Middleton, Rihanna, David Tennant and Fernando Torres,” the Hitwise report notes.

Hmph.  Well, hopefully the new Harry Potter movie will be good, the final book will be everything fans wished for, and Emma Watson will live happily ever after off her piles of cash.