Harper Beckham Gets All Eyes On Her


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Fashionable mom, Victoria Beckham, who was previously known as Posh Spice looked extremely proud of her adorable daughter, Harper, during a recent fashion show in New York City. In fact, Victoria was not alone in her captivation of the pretty young girl. Even Anna Wintour, the notoriously renown stickler for fashion etiquette and decorum, showed absolute delight when looking at Harper.

So proud of Harper's behavior and composure for a child of just two-years-old, Victoria went to Twitter in order to showcase her pride. Clasped protectively in the arms of her father, soccer legend David Beckham, Harper did not cry, throw fits, or have any temper-tantrums.

According to ITV, Anna Wintour, Vogue editor, was quite taken by the young beauty. "The famously frosty Wintour was seen smiling and playing with the toddler before the collection got underway," was shared on the ITV website.

For a girl of only two years, Harper Beckham is no stranger to the fashion world, and has accompanied her mother during fashion shows designed to unveil looks of the 2014 spring and summer collection from the Victoria line.

Proud parents and an adoring Vogue editor were in good company appreciating the beautiful, young Harper Beckham.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license with credit to LGEPR]