Harness The Awesome Power Of Opt-In Mailing List

    June 26, 2003

Ask any successful Internet marketer, and he/she will tell you that creating an Opt-In mailing list (ezine or newsletter) is absolutely a MUST for the success of any online business.

The benefits of an Opt-in mailing list are far greater in number, so it’s difficult to list down here. Anyway, the following are just some of the main benefits that can be obtained by publishing a focused content rich ezine, or newsletter.

1. Create trust and believability

2. Establish you as an expert in your particular field

3. Helps in building a long term relationship with people

4. Best tool to market your own product(s) over the long haul

5. Brings back visitors to your main site

6. Invaluable tool in selling advertising space to make money

7. A way to express your opinions and ideas to other people

Building an ezine can be highly profitable if done correctly. A successful ezine is the result of consistent hard work and a firm commitment. If you don’t mind going an extra mile, and if you’re determined to make your ezine a success, you’re on your way to make your own pot of gold.

However, very few people can keep up with this challenge. This is primarily the reason why majority of ezines doesn’t get proper exposure and recognition.

Most ezine publishers does nothing more than compiling 2 or 3 widely circulated articles with a bunch of annoying sponsor and classified ads into it. Now this sort of ezines naturally can’t be called an ezine. They are good for nothing.

Conversely, if you produce some quality content of your own on a specialized subject or theme, chances are that your ezine will be a success. While it’s not always absolutely necessary to have your own content for your ezine, you can have other people’s content with a focused approach. However, your input is very much required to successfully run your ezine machine.

An Opt-In mailing list can literally serve as a gold mine for you, provided if it’s highly targeted and content rich. Don’t expect to profit from ezines if they are just made with the intention of making money. Your primary objective must always be to provide premium quality info to your subscribers.

While taking an interview with Allan Gardyne, (the affiliate programs guru), I asked him what is the secret behind the success of his ezine? Here’s what he said…

“I work very hard to provide original, useful content in the newsletter. As long as I do that, people stay subscribed. I keep asking myself, is this USEFUL for affiliates? How can I help them earn more money?”

You can read his full informative interview here: http://www.NicheChallenge.com/NichePundits/AllanGardyne.htm

By helping people that way you’ll not only make a good online standing, but making money will be a breeze for you once you implement this strategy.

So do publish an ezine, but only with the intent of helping people. Do this, and the money will automatically follow.

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