Harman Kardon – Drive+Play

    May 12, 2006

I’m thinking one of my next “rewards” will be the Harman Kardon Drive+Play. The Drive+Play is an integrated solution to “driving your iPod”.

Unlike other approaches to taking the iPod into a car, the Drive+Play is much more user friendly, not to mention safer. The display is closer to drivers’ views, meaning they don’t have to glance down. The control for the system is also based off the iPod interface. But the biggest winner for me is that there won’t be any wires hanging all over the place – the Drive+Play really becomes part of the car’s stereo system.

My iPod helps me listen to my slow jams (not really but click on that link and watch the ad, it’s pretty funny). Although I am a PC user, I am a big iPod fan because it’s just simple to use. And from my research, that was what Harmon Kardon focused on with the Drive+Play.

If you are using the Drive+Play or something else, let me know in the comments section below.

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