Happy Birthday Hubble

    April 27, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

For millennia, people were wowed enough by a clear night sky-a black and blue backdrop peppered with pinpoint lights. It was the splendor of space that drove myth and imagination, dreams of galactic giants molding the cosmos, the sheer wonder of what was out there.

And all that was from just what we could see with the naked eye.

Fast-forward to 1990, and the berth of the Hubble Telescope. We, a collection of tiny bipeds cursed by gravity, launched a giant eye in the sky to see what else we could see.

The view was, well, stellar. Just imagine the next generation of inspired tales.

And so it seems fitting that on the 15th anniversary of Hubble’s launch, NASA would not disappoint with the latest awe-inspiring spectacles.

I’ll save my words and provide some links for viewing.


Unfortunately, Hubble’s lifespan may be reaching its tenure. Unless NASA can get its shuttle program active again, it may have to let the telescope fall into the sea. Without proper maintenance, Hubble is expected to shut down in 2007 or 2008.