Hanson Brother’s Baby: Brood Gets One More

    October 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Taylor Hanson, who is just 29 years old, has plenty of fathering experience; he’s dad to four kids, ranging in age from 3 to 9. Now, he and wife Natalie have one more Hanson to add to the family: Wilhelmina Jane.

“Natalie and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Wilhelmina Jane Hanson,” Taylor said. “She arrived on Tuesday and was welcomed by more love than could fit in the room.”

The couple have chosen names for their brood that aren’t generally on the “most popular” baby name list; their other children were given the monikers Ezra, Penelope, River, and Viggo. When asked about how they choose the names, Natalie said they didn’t think about it too hard.

“The right name seems to come at the right time… no matter how ‘perfect’ the choice, it will only be a part of all this little person will become.”

All three Hanson brothers are fathers, although Isaac and Zac only have two children each.

  • http://interneteqplorer kellbourlier

    They are sounding good!! I liked the song. Actually, they sounded like 60’s-70’s folk music to me.

  • kris

    I like it…would purchase the single off of itunes

  • Mikie

    I thought it was the “Slap Shot” Hanson brothers.

    • anen

      I know me too I just that movie last night!

  • venus337

    I like this! I always had respect for Hanson. they play their own instruments and writer their own material. I’d prefer them to hearing and seeing Beiber every five minutes! These guys have true talent. Going to be around for a long time

  • guest2012

    Viggo????? Where in the world did they come up with THAT name??? Is “Viggo” a son or a daughter. That’s as BAD as APPLE!!!! At least River isn’t quite as weird since “RIVER PHOENIX” was a good actor till drugs killed him.

    • susanabc123

      Viggo as in ‘Viggo Mortenson’….A great actor!!!! My assumption is that Viggo Hanson would be a boy.

      • Robin

        yummy, Viggo, as in Viggo Mortenson. yes, he’s yummy

  • Sharon

    I read the comments, but nobody congratulated “mom & dad”. My congrats go out to both.
    I know Viggo is a pretty strange name, don’t know where they came up with that one?

  • http://yahoo.com jim

    I thought it was the Hanson brothers from the movie slapshot…

  • Jds

    Its nice that Penny now has a sister. Viggo is a boy he [Taylor] has three sons and now two daughters. Viggo is a male Danish name.

    • tim

      actually they are not has beens , they released 3 successful indie albums in the past decade. in 2004 they released Underneath the first indie album to ever go 1 on billboard by a artist first release. they also garnered 1 million world wide sales..
      they aren’t maroon 5 or train in sales but in the indie music pop world they are well respected

  • Dave

    Who really cares about the Hansons and why are they still getting any coverage? Has beens who made disposable music.

    • Mac Gardner

      I’ll be nice, Dave. I know this family. They rollerbladed with my kids every Wednesday on our circle drive when the boys all took keyboard lessons from our neighbor. They lived about 3 miles away in a very modest home even after they became Really famous. They bought an 80 acre ranch about 10 miles from here after “striking it rich” instead of moving to Hollywood, but kept the small house for a recording studio for years. “Mmm Boppp” outsold every Beatles song ever recorded, so somebody liked their “disposable music” My wife and kids have seen them several times over the years and they are always friendly and down to earth, good people.
      Too bad you are a bitter jealous person who has to spew hate. Hope I didn’t keep you away from your Limbaugh program too long. Have a nice Day !

      • Mary

        wow. It sounds like you have told that awesome story over and over…yawn.
        actually Dave is right, the group was just a blip on the world of REAL music. They are sort of on the same level as that gangnam style dancer…..so please do not be so ….insecure and hateful.

        • Tisha

          Mary, the one bashing an independent band is the insecure one. They have pioneered and paved the way for a lot of true artists and musicians with true, soulful and raw talent who have been neglected by their record label for the dispensable “pop dance” groups these labels seemed to be churning out and producing byt he second, around early 2000’s. In their documentary, “Strong Enough to Break”, the record label wanted to turn them into what is, in my opinion, truly disposable music, ie Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys but they stayed true to their roots and didn’t lose themselves and maintained their integrity as artists and went against the system and released the record themselves. As tim said, it went on to become the first Number 1 Independent Album on Billboard by an artist’s first release. And that is for an independent album, no marketing, no promotion, no big record label budget backing them up. Imagine if they got the support they deserved from the record label in the first place. Their succeeding independent albums and tours have also hardly made a “blip” on the radar, shattering records in ticket sales in other parts of the world, you should educate yourself more before commenting and bashing so negatively. I loved reading about Mac’s encounter of the guys, thank you Mac.

  • james

    Isnt Viggo the villain in Ghostbusters.. lol… congrats to the parents…

  • funnyphoenix

    I personally love Hanson! I downloaded their cd they released in 2010 and I love it! This song is my favorite off the album, but I prefer the album version of it. I definitely recommend the album to anyone (it’s called Shout it Out), another awesome song is called Thinkin’ ‘Bout Somethin’! Also, I wouldn’t have named my children these names, but congratulations to the family!

  • terrance olmos

    hanson brothers’ baby? are you saying that boys can have babies?????

  • Denise

    I didn’t even know they were old enough to get married

  • Tracy Pajari

    Congratulations and the best for you and all your family, and I knew you were old enough (LOL)!! By the way funnyphoenix, didn’t you know it takes 2, then a village.

  • Mac Gardner

    Congrats to Taylor and family, and all the Hansons from the Gardner family, who lived across the street from the Ryan’s where you took keyboard lessons and you rollerbladed on Wednesday afternoons with our kids. We are proud of you, not only for your fame, but for the quality people that all of you are, still down to earth.

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