Hannah Montana Leads TV Costume Searches

    October 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

If you want to be more certain your Halloween costume is unique, it’s a good idea to follow the trends and wear something not listed. That’s how I would do it, anyway.

Hannah Montana Leads TV Costume Searches
Hannah Montana Leads TV Costume Searches

In general, if originality is your goal, you should stay away from characters you see on TV – always prime sources for popular costumes. And, according to Yahoo, it doesn’t necessarily have to be TV from this decade.

The Flintstones make three appearances in Yahoo’s top 20 list, one appearance at number 5; the Addams Family still gets some love, as does "I Love Lucie," "I Dream of Jeannie," Scooby Doo, Star Trek and Charlie’s Angels.

Well, Star Trek shouldn’t be all that surprising, with all the fanatics out there. Star Wars was never a TV show, but if so, Google Trends says Star Wars costumes kick the Spock-ears off of Star Trek costume searches.

Nonetheless, your top 10 Halloween costume searches are as follows:

1.    Hannah Montana Costume
2.    High School Musical Costumes
3.    Sharpay Costume
4.    Dog the Bounty Hunter Costume
5.    Flintstones Costumes
6.    Reno 911 Costumes
7.    Scooby Doo Costumes
8.    GEICO Caveman Costumes
9.    Power Ranger Costumes
10.    Addams Family Costumes

Could be a biased sample as Google Trends has High School musical way outpacing Hannah Montana. If Dog the Bounty Hunter is popular, hopefully someone will buck the trend and go as his wife. Supplies: wig, tank top, shorts, two large balloons. 

I usually like to work in puns and expressions myself. "Green with envy," for example, requires a green jumpsuit, some face-paint, and cardboard "NV" on your chest. For the ladies, "Tickled Pink" is always a fun one.