Hank Williams Jr. Releases New Song Via Free Download

Available free for 48 hours

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Hank Williams Jr. Releases New Song Via Free Download
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Hank Williams Jr. has just released a new song called “Keep The Change,” that was written in response to his recent problems stemming from comments he made on Fox & Friends.

Williams was yanked by ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast last Monday after he made statements comparing President Obama to Hitler. You can watch those comments below –

The song references the last week’s events –

So Fox and Friends wanna put me down.
Ask for my opinion, then twist it all around
Supposed to be talkin’ about my father’s new CD
Well two can play that gotcha game, just wait and see

Yeah you can keep Fox and Friends and ESPN out of your homes too
Cause Bocephus and all his rowdy friends and his song is outta there

It is available as a free download for the next 48 hours. You can receive the track via email using the box below –

Williams announced the release of the track via Facebook and Twitter:

Hank Williams Jr.Hank couldn’t wait on the BIG announcement. He has hit the studio to record “Keep The Change” and wants to offer it to all his Rowdy Friends free for 48 hours! Download it now and tell all your friends!

Hank has recorded a song called “Keep The Change” and wants to offer it free for 48 hours to all his Rowdy Friends. http://t.co/U4sFWtPp 59 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Hank Williams Jr. Releases New Song Via Free Download
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  • greg

    If no one else will tell it like it is……Hank will.

    • Holly

      Gotta love Hank! Especially the part when he referred you don’t want to ask me any questions..because like Fred Thompson I will give you the answer that you may not like.

  • Dora Geyer

    its very sad all of us monday night football fans will not be able to see the monday night football song sang by the one that gets it started ,i thought we lived in a free country ,i thought we had freedom of speach hank keep speaking your mind because you are only being honest and telling the truth.

  • Mike

    Give em hell Hank

  • Ernie

    AWESOME song. Hank Williams Jr “Bocephus” for president. Go get’em Hank

  • Brenda Tauber

    Love it!!!! You rock Hank!

  • ray seaver

    love that you arent afraid to say what americans think. if we had more celebs talking out maybe our country wouldnt be such a hell hole. we ned o get back to the basics and quit trying to build our country again on the backs of our elderly and childern. its timefor men t stand up and be men again

    • http://yahoo ed

      my my my the dixie chicks were banded by radio stations for not keeping thier mouth shut as wamz recomended but when hank wanted to tour they are advertising for him a whole`lot seems like they pick and choose who they want to hear not what i want to hear pretty bad clear channel picking on women if the dixie chicks would get cyote 4 women to walk in to a venue and maybe something else later maybe they would get his respect hank called are president the enemy and that was ok. not with me he killed been ladin and is treated like a supid person give up your rasism and help the middle class get this coutry on the right track again not just for people who own jets and other toys who are now playing with power on the lower class wake up hank remember who helped you get to the top of musians you are talented in music but not in politics bush chenny macain palin come on this is one of the biggist fans you ever had but this time i can;t be their with you try to quit being racist i loved your music and lets make the south proud again !!! remenber you and glen beck loved fox news till the target was on your back be like the chicks don,t give in tell radio stations to play all music and obama has,t taken any gun from you and on religon when i was drunk listing to your songs jesus didnt like what we both were doing unless you have a diferant bible than mine

  • Terri Mitchell

    This IS really a good song wright another one thanks for the free down load kansas city mo.

  • Henry A Ray

    I Hear You Hank Bofesus Bidnt Raise A Fool Good Song My Man

  • Dallas

    I will no longer watch fox news. Go Hank !!!!!!!!

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