Hank Baskett: Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Her Husband's Alleged Affair


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Hank Baskett has been in the hot seat all summer!

For those who missed it, the ex-NFL player allegedly cheated on his wife Kendra Wilkinson with Ava Sabrina London, a transgender model.

Needless to say, the discovery of his alleged deceit left his wife devastated. Back in June, several media outlets reported the Kendra On Top reality stars were undoubtedly headed for divorce. However, things have changed a bit over the past couple months.

Although Hank admitted he did have an encounter with Ava, he claims her sexual advances were "unwanted." Life & Style also reported he even denied sleeping with her.

Now, the former Playboy model has reportedly decided to take her husband back. But, that's not all!

She's also opened up about the cheating rumors, reports E! News. The 29-year-old reality star recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Giulana Rancic. She recounted how she found out about the cheating rumors.

"I get a call one night, from my agent, and he said to me, ‘Hey Kendra, you know there's a rumor going around, about you and Hank'. The story is about the husband cheating on his wife with a transsexual," Kendra recalled.

"This happened five weeks after giving birth to my daughter, and here we are with our newborn baby, and little Hank, and we get a call saying, ‘Hank cheated on me with a transsexual?' I just laughed about it," the former Girls Next Door star continued.

Then, she went on to address the reconciliation rumors. Fans have been questioning whether or not the rumors are true and if she really believes Hank has been faithful. She revealed she does.

She reportedly asked Hank, "'Did you do something?' And he says no, so I believed him." However, she still felt the need to further research the rumors herself. "I went looking for evidence, I found nothing," she said.

But, that doesn't mean she hasn't questioned whether or not he's really telling the truth. "Overall he was denying the whole thing. I don't know what to believe. Yes, I'm seriously mad at Hank because I know something happened. I've come very close to divorcing him already."

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