Hangover 3 Reviews Are Mostly Negative, Say Film Isn’t Funny

    May 23, 2013
    Zach Walton
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The Hangover 3 didn’t seem like it would wow critics, but we couldn’t be for sure until the reviews came in. Well, Hangover 3 reviews are now coming in and critics aren’t exactly in love with it.

Currently sitting at a 25 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, The Hangover 3 is a certified critical bomb. Critics around the country are complaining that the film isn’t funny, and that it reeks of a cheap cash-in. Here’s what some of the critics are saying:

Odie Henderson for the Chicago Sun-Times says: “I had to wait until halfway through the closing credits for my first, and only, laugh.

Scott Weinberg of GeekNation was a little more harsh: “Exists for the producers, the studios and nobody else. Insulting, amateurish garbage.”

Richard Roeper delivers what is perhaps the most damning review: “Director Todd Phillips delivers a film so different from the first two, I’m not even sure it’s supposed to be a comedy.”

Despite all the hate for the film, some critics seemed to have enjoyed the film. Those who did enjoy it say that it’s not as good as the first one, but argue that it’s better than the second. Some are also saying that Zack Galifianakis’ performance is solid.

It seems that audiences who have seen the film so far overwhelmingly agree with the minority of critics that liked it. It’s currently sitting at an 88 percent on the audience meter on Rotten Tomatoes.

Thankfully for those who didn’t like it, The Hangover 3 is being billed as the last film in the franchise.

  • Fudd

    Went to see it tonight! It was Funny! Go See It!

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  • Mark

    The only reason I went to see it was because I heard they weren’t going to make it exactly like the first two. I thought it was very funny, and recommend…

  • Colleen

    Absolutely fabulous. My favorite of all. Very, very funny. And touchi g. I would see it numerous times!!

  • SL Chenault

    My husband and I went to see Hangover 3 at the movies last night. I was a little apprenhensive because I read the Critic Reviews about the movie. Man we’re they WRONG. The movie had a plott that took different turns. Some that surprised me and its hard to surprise me and thats what makes a movie good to see. Well worth the time & money. The part that I laughed the hardest was right after the movie. Sit in your seat for a mind blowing surprise before you get up & leave the Theater. Loved it ! Wouldn’t mind seeing it again to get the full effect this time. I hope they have a Part 4. We definitely would pay to go to another one if its as entertaining as the last three…Thanks guys !!!!! I’m still smiling….. : )

  • Veronica

    Oh dear what a shame! If only they had stopped at the 2nd one, which in my opinion was just as funny as the first and truly represented the title, Hangover 2. then we could all chuckle our way through both films on DVD again and again! Now, unfortunately, we will not be able to enjoy the first two knowing that the third one exists!. Perhaps if the music choices had been better it would have lifted the whole atmosphere, but I’m not sure if even that would have helped. The creepy, feeble, desperate attempt to get laughs during the end credits also backfired and just made you feel grubby and confused. Phil appeared to have a complete character by-pass, the quick-witted handsome rogue of the first two completely gone, to be replaced by a harsher and more shallow version. Alan’s character had lost the amusing craziness and I missed Stu’s emotional outbursts to the injustices he endured as a ‘straight’ partner in the first two films. Doug’s contribution was even less, if possible. than previously and Jade’s part could have been left out completely with a quick phone call replacing the awkward non-event of the reunion! If the film had been called ‘The Adventures of Mr Chow’ then I could have been forewarned of the content and possibly enjoyed it slightly more…… BUT…. I was expecting ‘Hangover 3’ and that is not what was delivered. R.I.P The Wolf-pack!!

  • Ross

    I met people who hated this movie. Not sure why. But to me I thought it was hilarious