Hand Of God Found In Space – Simple Nebula Or Proof Of God?

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Since the beginning of time man has looked up at the heavens and wondered where he came from. Many religions believe that God or another divine being is up there above us somewhere, and is the great creator. Non-believers say otherwise.

Whether you are religious or not, you can’t deny the beauty of the recent photos taken of the pulsar wind nebula known as the ‘Hand of God’. These photos were taken by Nasa’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array or NuSTAR and scientists are still trying to make sense of the nebula’s amazing shape.

There is no denying that it looks just like a human hand. Could it be the actual hand of God?

A nebula was formed by a cloud of gas that surrounds a neutron star called PSR B1509-58, or B1509 for short. A neutron star is a star that is burning out and collapsing within itself. Eventually it will explode and spin extremely fast. As the star spins is throws out gases and materials. The gases react with sub-atomic particles that are also released by the star and create the unique shape of the nebula.

While science can explain how the nebula is formed, it is not able to explain why it is shaped like a hand. Many just see the photos as a coincidence, while others see them as proof that God exists.

The photos have caused several religious debates, but regardless of whether you think the images are an illusion or divine, they are no doubt spectacular and a demonstration of how far science and technology have come.

What do you think of these amazing photos and do you believe the image really could be the hand of God?

Image via YouTube.

Hand Of God Found In Space – Simple Nebula Or Proof Of God?
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  • Robert L. Quade, R.N,, M.S.

    This argument could mean that god is perhaps two bears, or maybe an eagle, what about an archer shooting blessings to the earth? Celestial images could go on and on. Doesn’t mankind have enough problems with the stupid religions already in existence without creating more?

  • Have Faith

    Some people are just confused and don’t realize the true connection between God and man. From the air we breathe to the intricate formations of the galaxies, this is a prime example of divine revelation that a higher authority exist. Although, most chose to deny it, with in their souls there is a deep cry for truth of his existence. Just because its a nebula in the shape of a hand it doesn’t discount the greatness of his Power. It’s a beacon of scientific beauty and hope for those who don’t believe.

  • dependen Voter

    True science cannot explain an uncaused first case. In any case true science and true religion have nothing to ear from ne anther because God is the author of both.

    • Sharon

      Well isn’t that convenient. When science shoots down all the crazy theories of religion than religion finds aways to explain it. Funny how religion said the exact opposite for the thousands of years…that there is no science..just god. Why not…it is really easy to say things that you can’t possibly prove.

      • realist

        Bottom line, Sharon, is that there is only one truth. All of the theories and wars about “religion” and even the arguments expressed in these comments are from man. And as I mentioned earlier, we are all sinners, falling short of the glory of God. Man has made so many rash decisions and stupid choices in the name of religion, but that is because of their ignorance about the truth. Jesus said that He was the way, the truth, and the life. I don’t think you understand what He did for you. Love is a powerful thing, and you are missing out by not knowing and having a relationship with its origin. Again, I would suggest asking God to reveal the truth to you. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

        • Sharon

          Bottom line “realist” are you a superior being or are you a man? What makes what you say and claim any different than any other man that has ever claimed there was a god and that religion was the word of god? Do you have more insight than any of the other people through out history that have written the facts about the horrible things that have happened in the name of god? I know, you are one of the special people that the almighty, creator of everything as decided he needs to speak to in private, to get his word across to the rest of the world. I mean why in the world would god speak to mankind directly when he can do it through you and a nebula. You suggest that I ask god to reveal the truth to me. I suggest you seek medication for your bat shit crazy way of thinking. I don’t need imaginary garbage to treat others with love, I don’t need the fear of hell to tell me that you don’t lie, cheat, steal and physically hurt other humans or animals. I do not do those things because I know it is wrong..you do them because you fear what will happen to you in the afterlife and so that you can pretend that having faith makes you a better person…I can’t think of anything more selfish than that in the world. Do the right thing because you should, because you care about how your actions affect others…that is the least selfish thing you could do. Your last comment was…”so much to gain”. thanks for proving my point that you are only looking to gain something for yourself. Go impress your equally crazy christian friends..you are just looking more nuts to me with every sentence you write.

  • Ralph Malph

    Put this in with the images of Christ in the tortilla.

  • Ryan

    Yeah definitely proof. After all, god definitely needs hands. Bulletproof logic right there.

  • dan williams

    The word God is really such a terrible word. A very inaccurate description of something that cannot really be described, because there is nothing else in the universe like it. God describes the intelligent, sentient part of the universe where all life and matter come from. Science describes the working order of things this being set into motion. This being is real, does exist and does love his creation.

  • b

    I don’t think you guys are understanding this image and what it could portray. God says the next time he comes, it won’t be water, (Noah and the arch, aka the great flood)it will be fire. If you look at the image, it does look like a hand hovering over fire. Almost to me like a warning, of the world coming to an end. All the violence, all the gay population growing, the end of humanity. Thats how I perceive the image as at least, as A Christian I am.

    • Bear

      “It looks like…”
      That’s a far cry from what it actually may be.

  • Joie

    Well now we have found “his” eye & hand so where is the rest of this dumb ass?

  • daniel w

    ACTS 2:19, And I will show wonders in HEAVEN above, and sighnsin the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:

  • joe

    Shure Looks like the hand of god to me?
    Maybe I didn’t Just poof into exsistance.
    I think I’ll take another look at that bible
    and I don’t care what any of you think!
    Take a good look around you
    Something Going on and it don’t look good!

  • Danny

    First of all, if there is a God, He/She/It would be ashamed of His/Her/Its followers. Most of you, it seems, consider yourself Christians, yet you act a manner contradictory to your Holy Doctrine. I have seen many of you damning people, insulting them, etc., when your spiritual leader implored His followers to love their enemy. It’s very un-Christian of you to speak the way you do. The unbelievers are no better. They consider themselves men and women of higher intelligence. When has any logical argument ever been settled by making ad hominem attacks? Do you not see the fruitlessness of trying to convert people to your school of thought? Even for non-believers, the question of our origin is reduced to faith. We don’t know, but we believe a particular way. I, for one, don’t see the hand of God. I don’t know whether I believe in a higher life form or not. I know that life is beautiful, and that is enough for me. If believers wish to see this as a sign of God’s existence, then let them. I would say that there is much more beauty and intrigue to be found in things such as the love between two beings than there is in the shape of a space cloud though. Try to be civil. Whether there is an afterlife or not, we are all sharing this life here and now together.

    • Bear

      I’m sorry, why is this a forum to push your religious beliefs? We are talking about seeing a galaxy here, aren’t we? Stick to the subject!

      • Danny

        Did you read what I said? I said I didn’t think it was the Hand of God… I also never pushed my “religious beliefs.” I just said that supposed Christian people are being rather insulting… then you insult me. It’s hard for me to not lose my faith in humanity.

  • Theta

    I love how you either need to be on one side or the other with the comments below. I am not a religious person, and I do not believe this is the actual hand of God. I believe a great picture that is deserving of the name. However, I also laugh at all the “Non-believers” out there who act like they have all the answers and someone who believes in a power greater than themselves is an idiot. The truth is, you don’t have all the answers either. We are products of the universe, yet some people act like we are the creators of it just we have a better understanding of it. Learn to have a little humility people. Humans do not have all the answers of life, death, and creation.

  • Bear

    Whether or not it resembles a human hand or the x-ray of one (which I don’t see, but that’s neither here nor there) it has nothing to do with the proof of God’s existence or not. So it looks like a hand out in outer space…there are no other explanations? It must be God?
    Again I’m not taking sides in the religious issue, just saying “c’mon!”
    Was the Old Man in the Mountain face in Vermont proof also?

  • Donna

    Seeing this has filled me with a new sense of awe and amazem Go. My heart knows God is real. I do not attempt to sway others to my beliefs..and …yet..in my most private moments…when I silently compare bible to latest scientific information and try to somehow understand it all,I am confused. But when I saw this incredible photo…before I read the beginning line…I knew this was the hand of God..before I raad the word nebula…I just knew.

  • Donna

    In my heart…I know that God is real. Perhaps we don’t understand all of it…but He is real. I do not try to push anyone else to believe…but I believe. And, yet, in my most private thoughts, I attempt to compare what is written in the bible (which was written by mortals)to the latest scientific information(which is written by mortals…I am confused. But when I saw this photo I knew immediately that it was the hand of God. Before I read the headline…before I saw the word nebula…I just knew. It has filled me with awe and amazement.

  • Patrick

    God is very real. He revealed Himself to me in 1991, I was very skeptical at the time because I’m deformed and I didn’t think that if there was a God why would He let me go through this. But now that I know that He is real it doesn’t matter why I just love Him for creating me. Repent and seek Jesus, if you seek Him you will find Him.

  • Rafi

    For all those who don’t believe in God (Allah) and think that this universe came into existence by itself.
    Here is what happened. I wanted to cross the Mississippi River one day where there was no bridge. I was wondering how I am going to cross it. There was a tree and it started to cut by itself into wooden planks. Then the wooden planks came together and became a boat by themselves. The boat jumped into the water in front of me and I crossed the river. Ponder about it now.

  • Moraabi

    If anyone can look at just one star, or an atom for that matter, and not understand that God exists, they’re just not getting it.

  • Kai

    All I see is goatse….

  • Orests

    Hey! Notice that the hand is blue! That proves Krishna is real.

  • http://gfecomic.com David

    Hey that random blob of gas looks like a Klingon penis!…makes you think huh?

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