Halo Movie May Have A Director

    December 2, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Xbox console’s must-have game franchise was written into a movie script by Alex Garland, and Peter Jackson signed on to be an executive producer; the only person missing was the director, and we may know who that is now.

Viewers of Hellboy and Blade 2 will be familiar with Guillermo del Toro’s directorial skills. The Movie Reporter website said rumors have been flying since Jackson began the media rounds in New York promoting his upcoming King Kong movie.

Jackson and del Toro have been negotiating over a deal to bring the director on board the project. However, the site said if del Toro agrees to direct Halo, it will put a crimp in his work on the Hellboy 2 movie.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find Microsoft’s hand at work somewhere in the background. Microsoft and Sony have become rivals on the next generation DVD format, with Microsoft supporting Toshiba’s HD DVD and Bill Gates publicly criticizing Sony’s Blu-ray as being not consumer friendly.

Sony would either have to shift Hellboy 2 on its production schedule, or find a director to replace del Toro on the set. Either prospect would be disruptive to Sony.

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