Halo 4 Live-Action Commercial Preview

    June 12, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Halo 4 was, unless you are an Usher fan, undoubtedly the highlight of Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The gameplay shown there gave gamers a taste of what they can expect when the game launches this fall. It included a new planet, a crashing ship, an alien sphere, new artificial enemies, and lots of Cortana.

This summer, Microsoft is officially launching its marketing campaign for the game, and it looks as if they are sparing no expense. A live-action commercial for the game has been released online, and it shows what happens in the seconds leading up to the ship crash in the gameplay footage shown at E3. Watch as the starship U.N.S.C. Infinity is scanned by an alien intelligence and then dragged through what appears to be a Dyson Sphere-type structure. What that sphere and the artificial aliens have to do with the story in Halo 4 is anyone’s guess. However, the weapons that Master Chief finds are of Forerunner origin, leading me to believe the new planet might have been constructed as a safe-haven from inevitable Halo activations. Check out the ad below, as well as the gameplay footage already released and decide for yourself what exactly is going on:

A word about the date shown at the end of the spot: the commercial is meant to be shown in the U.K., so don’t get your hopes up thinking the game was released this week. Compared to the U.S., the month and day in dates are swapped when shown in most European countries. The release date for the game is still November 6 and is already available for pre-order.

  • http://yahoo vili jessie schwenker

    I have being a faithful and loyal Halo fan since it first released. First Halo, weapons sound like real weapons. Then came Halo 2 and 3. I was very disappointed, weapons sound like Star War. Here is my point. I want human weapons sound like real wpn and why is Master Chief use the enemy wpn to kill the enemy. Its make no sense to me at all.Why can I use human wpn carring by Master Chief to engage and destroy the enemy. The sight on Master Chief battle rifle look so fake and big cycle in front of barrel that turn red when point at the enemy. GS343, look no further. Call Of Duty have all diffrent Wpn sights I can choose from it. ACGO, Reflex sight, Red Dot sight, Low Power Scope and many more. Please, allow me to use human wpn carry by Master Chief to fight and destroy the enemy through the campaign. I dont want to pick up the enemy wpn and finsh the enemy with it own wpn. When I engage the enemy, I want to feel that human wpn talk to me and when the round inpack and strike into enemy flash, I want to feel it like its real. Please, I want my pistol and shotgun back from first Halo. I prefer a assault rifle and battle rifle to fight the enemy in campaign, I dislike the enemy wpns. So please come up with some kind of ammo that penetrate the enemy shield and drop the enemy where it stand. In close, I’m still half fan and will always will be. Thanks.