Halloween Decorations: Three Fun DIY Projects


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It's almost Halloween and for many people that means getting out your Halloween decorations and making your home and yard look as scary as possible.

Of course you can find numerous types of Halloween decorations at your favorite stores, but you can also make your own for a fraction of the cost. You can also have fun making them.

Here are three fun do it yourself Halloween projects that will make your house look spooky.

Fabric Ghosts
Want an easy decoration that you can use both inside and out and that won't break the bank? Try these fabric ghosts. Purchase Styrofoam balls from your local craft store, cover with a piece of white fabric and use a rubber band to secure the fabric and make the form of a ghost. Tie the ghosts in trees, hand them from the ceiling or be creative and use them in other ways.

Canning Ring Pumpkin
Do you have a bunch of jar rings leftover from canning? Why not use them to make an adorable or scary Halloween pumpkin. Simply string the rings onto a piece of heavy rope or wire and form into a round shape. Spray paint the rings orange and add a branch for a stem. You can also cut out leaves or tie ribbons onto the pumpkin if you desire.

Tin Can Monsters
If you have any extra soup or coffee cans in your home, don't throw them out, reuse them to make tin can monsters. Wash the cans thoroughly and paint each one to look like a ghost, jackolantern or monster. Add holes to the cans and add a small candle to each one. The light of the candle will make your monster cans looks even spookier at night.