Halloween Costume Ideas For Geeks And Nerds

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Halloween costume ideas this time of year (meaning this far away from the actual festivities) generally belong to those moms who have it together and are already thinking about how to create the best Elsa or Captain America for their kid without buying a pre-made costume off the rack.

However, adults who may or may not have kids like to party on Halloween, as well. And some adults may actually have it together enough to already be gathering ideas for Halloween Costumes.

As adults, let's talk about what's in and what's out.

This year, superheros are all the rage for the nerdy, and not so nerdy, adults. Again. This is according to i4u.

Whether you're a Marvel or DC fan, a superhero Halloween costume is very popular and super easy to find. If you get an early start, that is.

The new favorite this year is Captain America's Winter Soldier. This is a great idea for those that have gone as a superhero every year, but are looking for something new and not (yet) overdone.

The fun part is, it usually comes off the rack with those pre-formed muscle suits. It makes you look buff without actually having to spend time getting buff. You're just going to eat a truckload of candy anyway, right?

If you're more on the hipster/nerd end of the spectrum, the San Diego Reader has some fun tips.

There are always those people at the Halloween costume party that are just too cool to put much effort into the costume. You know the ones. You could be one of those people who wear a bathrobe as Hugh Hefner or the ones who don an ear/tail combo from the department store because they were too busy with important stuff to pre-think a costume.

You could be one of those, OR you could be a supernerd and delve into your mind-book of most obscure characters from literature and lore. This may take lots of time and if you're doing it wrong, much more money.

If you're doing it right, you should start hitting those thrift stores now before last minute shoppers empty the racks of puffy shirts and vintage dresses!

What is your plan for a geeky or nerdy Halloween costume idea this year?

Lacy Langley
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