Halle Berry Dishes About Her Children, Talks 'Extant'


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Halle Berry's a busy woman!

Earlier this year, she starred in the Marvel Comics' box office hit film X-Men: Days of Future Past and she's also found her place on the small screen. But, that's not all! The 48-year-old actress is also a mommy!

Although she has a lot on her plate with two small children and a demanding career, she recently revealed motherhood has actually made her career a bit easier, reports Cover Media.

During a recent interview, she explained how pregnancy and motherhood are beneficial for her latest role on CBS's science-fiction television series Extant.

On the show, Berry portrays Molly Woods, an astronaut who returns home inexplicably pregnant after a 13-month solo mission in outer space. Ironically, Berry was eight months pregnant when the network offered her the role. So, she had absolutely no problems portraying a pregnant woman on the small screen.

"It wasn’t much of a stretch for me to play this character right after I gave birth,” she said. “I don’t know much about being an astronaut but I knew that I could fake being pregnant!”

Berry went on to point out a number of similarities between her and Molly Woods. She explained how easy it is to relate to her intriguing character.

"I felt that I could relate to the character deeply and that she was a very interesting woman who has an important job and is pushing herself to be successful and also wants to have a happy home life. She has a strong sense of her role as a mother and that was probably the single most important aspect to Molly that resonated with me."

She also discussed her perspective of the series itself. The Golden Globe-winning actress delved into the evolution of key roles being written for women and the progression of small screen production.

“This was a series that struck me as being very well written and I was anxious to get involved. This is a great role and we’re seeing more and more important roles being written for women now on TV. Over the last several years people have also recognized that some of the best work in Hollywood is being done on TV."

Then, of course Berry opened up about her two children and becoming a mother again!

"It’s been such a beautiful time. I feel blessed. I never expected to have another baby at this point in my life, and so it’s been such a gift for us. Nahla loves playing with Maceo," she dished.

She also revealed some interesting details about how she balances being a mother and a working actress. When asked whether or not the kids go to work with her, she answered with a resounding yes!

"Yes. I didn’t really have a choice because I’ve been nursing Maceo and I believe very strongly in breastfeeding," she said. "Nahla also comes and joins me on the set after she finishes school and she just loves that time with me and the baby."